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Highway Child – Santuary Come

Released By : Gateway Music

Genre: Classic Rock

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Patrick – Vocals

Paw – Guitar

Christian – Bass

Andreas – Drums


1. Red, White And Blue

2. In The End

3. When The Sun Burned The Ground

4. Sanctuary Come

5. Once Is Once Too Much

6. Turn Me On

7. Dear Girl

8. You You You

9. Take You Down

10. Born On The Run

Coming only a year after the band’s debut album ON THE OLD KING’S ROAD, is their follow-up SANCTUARY COME. Those that are hesitant due to the very brief amount of time between albums need not worry as SANCTUARY COME is every bit as good as its predecessor and probably even a slight bit better.

For those not familiar with HIGHWAY CHILD yet, they are a Danish band who play a late sixties, early seventies inspired brand of rock that borrows its main influences from British acts like THE BEATLES, CREAM, THE MONKEYS and some of the better psychedelic bands of the era. Of course all of these influences are wrapped up in between a coating of modern day indie rock, which really does make a sound that is like a new interpretation of older music ideals.

Opening track RED, WHITE AND BLUE is a real fuzzed out almost space-rock in nature track this is actually quite different from anything else on the whole album. Second track IN THE END is where this album started to win me over and is a very cheerful BEATLES, KULA SHAKER, BEACH BOYS mash-up. WHEN THE SUN BURNED THE GROUND follows the traits of the previous track but also includes a bit more fuzz and makes me think that this is what stoner rock would sound like in the sixties. Title track SACTUARY COME is my personal highlight and a very beatles-esque piano track TURN ME ON looses a few points with me because it sounds like a cross between my two least favorite Aussie bands POWDERFINGER and JET.

The HIGHWAY CHILD juggernaut is certainly picking up speed and moving forward, and with SANCTUARY COME they have added a second chapter that should really bring them some more opportunities. Hopefully the band can continue the trend of small breaks between albums as I’m already looking forward to what they can produce next.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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