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Lesbian Bed Death – Designed By The Devil Powered By The Dead

Released By : Psychophonic Records

Genre : Sleazy Gothic Metal

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Lucy4 – Vocals

Mr. Peach – Guitar

Chuckmaster C – Guitar

Danny Stigmata – Drums

Will Power – Bass


1. Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead

2. Moonlight

3. Drowning In Your Love

4. Bela Lugosi’s Back

5. No Tears Please

6. Without A Sound

7. Mr. Nastytime

8. Sin When You’re Winning

9. Catholic Sex Kitten

10. Retrosexual

11. Sinner

12. Drowning The Phoenix

If the general saying is that ‘sex sells’, imagine the cleverness of naming your band LESBIAN BED DEATH from a marketing point of view. Sure it would be hard to get posters slapped all over the place with this name, but it will certainly ensure that anyone that hears about them will at least want to check them out.

Having a striking title may well get you some initial interest, but you have to be able to back it up with something good if you expect people to stick around.

So I guess the question is does LESBIAN BED DEATH pull it off? The answer is some parts yes, and some parts no. When they do well is stick to their own unique style that they have carved out for themselves. The sound they have is based in the predominantly female fronted gothic rock/metal scene, but it is mixed in with the mentality and attitude of sleazy hard rock straight out of the sunset strip. There is also an element of horror punk and who knows what else. The only downside is that with all of this ambition, the talent isn’t quite up to the level it needs to be to take things further. Don’t get me wrong, nothing about this album is bad per se, but there isn’t anything overly great either. The guitar work is probably the highlight, the rhythm section is sufficient, if not a little bland, but it’s the vocals that seem to let the whole thing down a bit. As far as female singers go, I have been known to be overly harsh in the past, but I won’t be here. The basic fact is that Luci4 is a competent singer that does a decent job but doesn’t show enough to really seem like a world class frontwoman.

The band are definitely on to something here, with a unique style and enough attitude to turn the heads of everyone they come across, my hope is that in time the quality of the musicianship and the vocals can be improved a bit and they can release an album that is really world class. Until then I still recommend people to check out what they are doing, as I know there are a lot of folks that will really enjoy the unique style that LESBIAN BED DEATH actually show.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 6/10

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