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Dead Men Dreaming – Last Call

Released by Independent Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal


Line Up:

Mike Triana – Vocals, Piano/Keyboards

Rich Riccobono – Bass

Anthony Bordonaro – Lead Guitar

Dima Shnaydman – Drums

Paul Riccobono – Rhythm Guitar


1. Remember To Forget

2. What You Deserve

3. Flow

4. You Make Me High

5. Table For 1

6. Up In Flames

7. Where Did I Go Wrong?

8. Tonight Gonna Party

9. A Part Of Me

10. For The One That We Love

As usual there comes surprise albums  throughout the length of the year that you really did not foresee coming, and often they do arrive from independent bands trying to break new ground. As with any up and coming band the fellows of Dead Men Dreaming formed in 2004 in New York had stamped it’s name in the underground scene in New York for a while and managed to released some demos in 2006 and 2008. The word spread quickly about these guys and they jumped on board and have performed live with such acts the likes of Otep, Static-X, Type-O-Negative, Ill Nino, Life Of Agony, Kittie and Dope. So the hard road ahead has had some successes, but with “Last Call” I don’t see why the band wouldn’t take the next step in the circle of popularity spread. They feature the best that the mainstream Hard Rock and Metal commercial genres in the USA have to offer.

You are probably wondering what makes this guys so interesting right? Especially with the the brand of style they play? Well the first thing that jumps out at me is the great mix of heavy bottom riffs mixed with your crushing Hard Rock elements which can be heard in the chorus lines. The vocals of Mike Triana are modern metal sure like any you have heard from so many bands, but the difference is the man has a powerful voice that fits the style here with perfect execution and I mean in those great parts that feature high choruses, he manages to match the crushing rhythm guitar with a keenness that is worth taking note. On tracks like “You Make Me High” and “Remember To Forget” the previously mentioned formula is out on perfect display. The punishing skull pounding of “Where Did I Go Wrong” brings flashes of emo angst at it’s best If i had it my way this is one of the tracks that would get constant radio play.

It is also worth noting the band worked with Indie Producer Mike Wirt who’s past works include Incubus, Live, Hoobastank to name a few, and if you know anything about those  bands then you know their sound was especially crafted to balance the heaviness with some very appealing pop elements in the music that hit the mainstream here in the States and propelled those bands to well known careers. The difference here is that DMD keeps their gut pounding attitude driven vibe intact added to the fact that the songs are catchy and more mature sound then the band has ever dove into then in the past and this eventually makes the record more enjoyable. Plus who doesn’t want to hear music that speaks of your crazy late nights with your buddies right? This is one is highly recommended for any fans of commercial driven hard rock performed at a high level. These guys should pick up and attract more attention to themselves after this well played shot of kinetic smash-mouth energy and bravado. Just don’t let it pass you before your “last call”.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10


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