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Erik Grönwall – Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Released by Sony Sweden

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Pop/Rock



01. Take Me On –

02. Uphill Climb –

03. Try –

04. Stay –

05. Crash and Burn lyrics 7,126 –

06. Destination Anywhere –

07. When You Fall –

08. Timeless –

09. Breathe In Breathe Out –

10. Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place –

11. Walls Are Coming Down –

12. In Spite Of Me

Have you heard of Erik Grönwall  before? Anyone? Well maybe if your a Swede then you probably heard of him, for one the young men won the Swedish version of American Idol and I dare anybody to check out the you tube video of the kid singing some rocky songs on Idol in his home land and tell me he does not have talent. Secondly he was just named recently the new replacement singer for H.E.A.T, the popular Swedish Hard Rock outfit after their original singer Kenny Leckremo left the band shortly after their sophomore release “Freedom Rock”. Ohh and that record only happens to be one of the best records of the year, so that alone should tell you that the band saw something special in Erick and asked him to join them.

Now let’s get into the actual songs here, as with any American Idol release there’s no doubt that the mainstream poison is running deep in the label that put out this record, which happens to be Sony Sweden. I know they want to capitalize on the kid but the songs here are obvious Pop Rock and at least in my eyes does not really show you the true talent which Erick possess. On songs like “Try” and “Stay” you will hear a familiar sound which could play on any soft rock station in this country. The single “Crash and Burn” is somewhat bland and lacks the energy that can be driven to the songs if he is let the opportunity.  I’m not trying to bash out the kid but rather the material he was given to perform which doesn’t show on a full scale what he is capable off. The harder rocker “Destination Anywhere” is something that that stand out with strong vocals and a super catchy chorus line to hold it together. One of the best arrangements come together in “Timeless” with a bombastic chorus and deep felt lyrics that gels together like fine wine.

If you didn’t know by now Joey Tempest and Paul Stanley wrote songs for this particular record, thankfully in part because Erick covered the Kiss classic “Shout Out Out Loud” and “The Final Countdown” by Europe on the Idol Sweden, and I think as a gesture of thanks wink wink : trying to squeeze some cash out of the deal, they contributed to the record. Whichever the case the truth is that Erik Grönwall is talented and has a bright future and will have some big shoes to fill in H.E.A.T. but will no doubt impress with a talented a band as any out there in Hard Rock. As far as this record goes, for any fan of mainstream Rock they should check it as it’s an import and is hard to get. Familiarize yourself with this talented voice as you will hear much from him in the future.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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