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Kiske-Somerville – Kiske-Somerville

Released by Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Michael Kiske – Vocals

Amanda Somerville – Vocals

Mat Sinner – Bass

Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Keyboards

Sander Gommans – Additional Lead Guitar

Martin Schmidt – Drums

Jimmy Kresic – Keyboards


01. Nothing Left To Say (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)

02. Silence (Mat Sinner & Magnus Karlsson)

03. If I Had A Wish (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)

04. Arise (Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville)

05. End Of The Road (Mat Sinner, Jimmy Kresic)

06. Don’t Walk Away (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)

07. A Thousand Suns (Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville)

08. Rain (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)

09. One Night Burning (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)

10. Devil In Her Heart (Mat Sinner, Jimmy Kresic)

11. Second Chance (Mat Sinner, Magnus Karlsson)

12. Set A Fire (bonus track) (Sander Gommans, Amanda Somerville)

The collaboration between the former Helloween great vocalist Michael Kiske and American female singer Amanda Somerville was something I was looking to hearing when Frontiers announced this project. Why? Well Kiske had been in and out of the scene for some time often taking a his own stance on the metal world in general. Even though the many fans of his former band still support Kiske, there has always been a gap missing since he decided to part ways with his former mates. To me is just great that the man is back in the scene and making music because his high pitch voice was missed in these circles, and not just that but his new project Unisonic looks very promising. Of course let’s not take anything away from the very talented Amanda Somerville who has written and recorded with bands After Forever, Edguy, Kamelot, Epica and Avantasia, and has produced two solo albums.

The music here is straight up melodic metal with the typical European flavored power metal elements. The vocals are split even between the two gifted singers and on single “Silence” you can expect a typical power driven groove with a catchy chorus leaving an infectious presence.  The guitar impact is provided courtesy of the very talented Magnus Karlsson who seems to be involved in so many of these projects and with his killer axe work at hand you already know what to expect. The steady impulse vibe of “End Of The Road” leans in perfectly on both of these talented artists as the power surge breaks ground for a strong power ballad. I like the trade off vocal delivery in “Rain” although a bit unconventional and becomes a bit repetitive, I still dug the sustainable rhythm in the song.

Moments of embrace arise in parts, some tracks flow better then others, and the slower versed songs where both singers can deliver their strong voices is where it shines brightly. Is more a “slow grower” record, I couldn’t find too much to like other then your typical melodic metal project with female and male vocals but being who the vocalists involved here are, is deserving of some attention. The quality of the songs seem to diminish towards the latter part of the album so in part with this take I give it a fair review. Even though it was a nice project from 2 talented people in the scene, there is not much here that you will miss out if you don’t pick this one up. Make up your own choice and have a listen before digging into it it may grow on you.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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