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Le Monnier – Cynic Sister

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Hard Rock

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1. Grey Symphonic

2. Your Greed

3. No Power

4. Bullet

5. Save Yourself

6. Kingyo

7. Draw The Line

8. Black Dot

9. My Heart

10. Anxiety

11. Bad Dream

12. Underground

13. Pink Filter

14. Cynic Sister

Before I write anything else in this review, I need to mention that this album is available in digital format directly from the band for a measly sum of 99 cents, so keep that in mind while reading the rest.

The name LE MONNIER comes from the bands New Jersian founder and Bass Guitarist/Frontwoman ALEXANDRA LE MONNIER.  Regular readers of my reviews will have probably noticed that I am a bit reserved when it comes to female vocalists and most of them fail to impress me at all. While I don’t think Alexandra is a particularly great singer, she has an in-tune, cohesive and inoffensive voice that actually adds to the bands sound and should please most people. She is joined by classically trained guitarist Matt Keil, who seems to have plenty of interesting hard rock riffs at his disposal, and heavy hitting drummer Terry Anderson, who’s aggressive and punchy playing style adds some needed grunt to the bands backing section.

Fourteen songs seems a pretty standard amount in this day and age, but for me it was a few too many. I would have preferred to have around ten or eleven songs in the vein of ANXIETY, YOUR GREED and BLACK DOT and get rid of PINK FILTER, NO POWER and a couple of others that felt a little like un-needed fillers amongst the clearly better songs. The band sound to me like a bit of a heavier version of Aussie female fronted band KILLING HEIDI, and fans of that band and bands in a similar vein are likely to find a lot to like about CYNIC SISTER.

LE MONNIER are probably a couple of steps away from challenging for a good label deal, but CYNIC SISTER certainly has them heading in the right direction, and hey, for less than a buck it’s surely worth the money and a worthy way to support the underground music scene that all the future big players have to come through.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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