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Synasthasia – Instructed By The Devil

Released By : Sound Guerilla Music

Genre : Melodic Death Metal

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Tracklist :

1. Bullet Fly

2. The Thirst Is Calling

3. Destination Nowhere

4. We Create…

5. …Our Fate

6. War

7. Imprisoned

8. Final Judgement

9. The Inner Struggle

10. Betrayal

11. In Beer We Trust

SYNASTHASIA’S second full-length album INSTRUCTED BY THE DEVIL is easiest described as just “good music”. The reason I say this is because genre barriers is one thing that this band has shunned in search for a unique sound to split them from the pack. Throughout the album you will hear aspects of modern melo-death, old school and modern thrash and also some hits of power metal and melodic metal. With all of these influences combining the results could have truly been horrendous, but somehow the band have pulled it off and have actually come up with a great sounding record that should appeal to almost anybody that is in to some sort of metal music.  Bands like TRIVIUM, SCAR SYMMETRY and modern day SOILWORK all come to mind and the usual modern flair of deathy verse vocals and clean chorus vocals once again works wonders for their sound.

BULLET FLY, IMPRISONED, DESTINATION NOWHERE and BETRAYAL are all highlights but the rest of the album is almost as good, and on any given day I could probably pick another couple of favorites too. IN BEER WE TRUST is also a fun song that brings back memories of crossover-thrash of the old days but with a definite modern touch. Will all of these varying influences and styles it’s fortunate that SYNASTHASIA have been blessed with the superb vocal talents JOCHEN KINNER, who is supported in the vocal department by equally talented DENNIS MARSCHALLIK, who also plays guitar. That’s not taking anything away from the rest of the band as the rhythm section motor along as well as any other modern metal band going around these days.

INSTRUCTED BY THE DEVIL is a strong album that should definitely win some new fans for the band, and I urge anyone that listens to metal in any form to at least check these guys out because there really is something for everyone on the album while still sounding like a cohesive work.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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