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The Way Of Purity – Crosscore

Released By : Wormhole Death Records

Genre : Melodic Death Core

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1. The 23rd Circle Breeds Pestilence

2. Lycanthropy

3. Anchored To Suffocation

4. The Rise Of Noah

5. Royal Breakdown Of Souls

6. Sinner

7. Egoist

8. Deathwish

9. Burst

10. Pure

Well this way certainly an odd little release this one. THE WAY OF PURITY is a concept band shrouded in mystery that unintentionally border on being a comedy act. See, the band all wear masks, use alias names and don’t do media stuff and give out a very miniscule amount of information about themselves.   Obviously this makes it hard to do much else than talk purely about the music, which is what we are going to do.

The album CROSSCORE is a mish-mash concoction of all things extreme metal, mixing elements of death metal, black metal, thrash metal, melodic metal and of course the inevitable metalcore. Interestingly enough though, even with this large amount of different styles included, the bands sound is still controlled rather than being a big chaotic mess like it could have been. That doesn’t mean that the album isn’t balls-out crazy though, as it generally is and has more than a few moment that will leave you confused and even out of breath.

The lyrics are as full-on as you may expect from a band of this nature and feature a running theme about humans being the hand of god and what we are doing with that power. The words are often uncompromising and unsettling and really make you feel like THE WAY OF PURITY believe fully in their message.

If you are into these sort of militant bands that class the message as the most important thing, THE WAY OF PURITY could very well be your new favorite group. There is plenty on offer here for those with the will to make it all the way through something that is so serious and wrapped up in itself.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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