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Hemoragy – Headbang ‘Till Death

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Old-School Thrash Metal

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Johannes Muslin – Vocals, Guitar

Lynda Siewicz – Bass

Steve Musslin – Drums


1. Headbang Till Death

2. Sold Out

3. My Ticket For Hell

4. Dangerous Hitch-Hiking

5. Metallic Biker

6. Savagery

7. Fishing Among Metalheads

8. The Hemo Truck

9. Bourre Et Heureux

10. Outro

I tried to like this album, I really did. All of the usual elements that get me going are here, unashamedly old-school Trash Metal, high pitched eighties style thrash vocals, decidedly old-school looking artwork and songs about headbaging and metal. But for some reason I’m just not feeling it, maybe it’s the overly strong accent of vocalist Johannes Musslin or maybe it’s the fact that song titles like DANGEROUS HITCH-HIKING, METALLIC BIKER and FISHING AMONG METALHEADS makes it all feel a bit like a parody band or something in that manner.

There is certainly some potential here with some tracks featuring some awesome thrash riffs and a drummer that kicks your ass, but as far as the vocals and the lyrics, the band need to do something about it if they have any chance of breaking out of the pack. If they were content to remain in the homeland of France, the vocal accents wouldn’t be a problem, but as they write and sing in English I have to believe that they are hoping for a larger audience.

If I could have had SOLD-OUT, SAVAGERY, MY TICKET FOR HELL and THE HEMO TRUCK as an E.P I would have been much more impressed than what I am with the complete album. Earlier this year a band called SKULLFIST came out with E.P that was totally dedicated to the old-school but they managed to do it without seeming like a piss-take and really managed to impress, HEMORAGY have taken the other path and in doing so have really made the metal of yesteryear seem like a died out well that has nothing left to offer in the modern age.

Whilst I wasn’t impressed with HEADBANG TILL DEATH, that’s not to say that everyone will not like it, as I mentioned above there is some potential shining through from this band so let’s hope they have learned a few things and come back in a year or so with the album I know they can make.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 5/10

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