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Intervention – Words Of Violence (Demo)

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Modern Thrash Metal

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Tuomo Marttinen – Vocals

Johannes Leipälä – Guitar

Juho Kilpelä – Guitar

Joni Lehto – Bass

Ville Alakörkkö – Drums

Tracklist :

1. Say it With Violence

2. Run Like Hell

3. Left For The Scavengers

INTERVENTION is a relatively new band that call Finland home. They have been around only since 2007 and since then released a demo in early 2009 and now have released their newest demo entitled WORDS OF VIOLENCE. I must admit that I haven’t heard the first demo, but if this latest effort is anything to go by INTERVENTION are possibly on the cusp of a very lucrative future.

The band play a very modern iteration of Thrash Metal that features some almost melodic death style vocals that are very aggressive and heavy. The riffing is eclectic, spasmodic and thrashy as hell, the solos are speedy and melodic and the bass guitar & drums are a full powerhouse rhythm section.

As far as comparisons go, I’d be more inclined to say that they remind me a bit of latter day TESTAMENT mixed with a bit of Aussie metallers EYE OF THE ENEMY and a hint of TRIVIUM.

While there are only three tracks on the E.P, they certainly give a good idea of band’s direction and when you consider how many crap albums are released each year with less than three good songs on them, this begins to sound like a total bargain. SAY IT WITH VIOLENCE is a total ass-tearing tune that mixed some traditional thrash vocals with some extreme death growls to great effect and is six minutes of modern thrash bliss. RUN LIKE HELL! Is a hundred mile an hour bang-your-head track that demands your attention and doesn’t let up until it’s over. The demo ended with LEFT FOR THE SCAVENGERS which was just a bit under the previous two tunes but still good enough to impress me immensely, especially the slight wink to classic thrash metal with a high-pitched banshee-like scream.

If there are other unsigned bands around the globe that are as good as INTERVENTION, the future of metal looks good indeed. Everything from the production, the great songwriting and excellent execution make this band one to watch and I can tell you now that I will be one of the first in line when they are ready to release a full album, which I’m sure will be on a decent record label.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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