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Mechanical God Creation – Cell XIII

Released By : Wormhole Death Records

Genre : Death Metal

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Lucy – Vocals

Ale – Guitar

Veon – Bass

Simo – Guitar, Vocals

Manuel – Drums



2. Project Kill

3. 2012

4. Process Of Mental Killings

5. I Shall Remain Unforgiven

6. Divinity

7. Inhuman Torture Surgery

8. Trespass And Kill

9. Death Business

Italian Deathcore band MECHANICAL GOD CREATION began life back in 2006when female growler LUCY, who had previously sung in ART OF MUTLIATION got in contact with two former members of HECATE ENTHRONED. After a little bit of searching they found a couple more like-minded musicians and immediately began working on what would be their first public release the 2007 E.P …AND THE BATTLE BECOMES WAR.

Even in a market as flooded as Deathcore, the E.P was good enough to garner the band some serious attention and saw them being offered a spot on the second stage at the massively popular GODS OF METAL festival. Over the course of the next year the band would share stages with groups like ICED EARTH, MESHUGGAH, BEHEMOTH and many more. All of this exposure culminated with a record deal from WORMHOLE DEATH and now it is time for the band to release their debut full lenghter CELL XIII.

Though the band describe themselves as ‘Deathcore’, to my ears there isn’t much ‘core’ sound in the music and I’d be more tempted to just it straight out Death Metal with a couple of little twists here and there. The highlight for me with this album is the vocals of frontwoman LUCY, who growls with all of the aggression of her male counterparts and actually reminds me a little of Angela Glassgow from ARCHY ENEMY. The musicianship is generally fine most of the way through, save for a few uninspired and by the numbers tunes that I couldn’t help skipping each time I listened to the album. INHUMAN TORTURE SURGERY is the song that will probably garner the most attention with a sound that is a mix between ARCH ENEMY, NIGHTWISH and AT THE GATES. I SHALL REMAIN UNFORGIVEN is another highlight tune that should help the band achieve some bigger notoriety.

Truthfully this is bit of a mixed album. Some of the tunes really got me excited about the band, and an equal amount made me think that they aren’t quite there yet. CELL XII shows plenty of promise and if you keep in mind that it is the band’s first release is quite a worthy addition to the Italian death metal stable. I am eager to see what MECHANICAL GOD CREATION can come up with if they get the opportunity to record a second album.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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