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Pressure Points – Remorses To Remember

Released By : Firebox Records

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

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Kari Olli – Vocals, Guitar

Veli-Matti Kyllonen – Keyboard

Vili Auvinen – Drums

Janne Parikka – Bass

Juho Suortti – Guitar


1. Atonement

2. Temptation For Hate

3. Edge Of Endurance

4. Calm

5. The Past Within

6. Out Of Sync

7. Grand Illusion

Of late, Progressive Death Metal has become one of my favorite genres out of all music. I guess there’s just something about having some melody and mood in amongst all the in-your-face stuff that really appeals to me on a lot of different levels. I recently spent some time with the debut album from Finland’s newest prog death band PRESSURE POINTS, and after much deliberation I am willing to say that REMORSES TO REMEMBER is one the best albums I’ve heard in the genre and with it the band have certainly become a favorite of mine.

The closest comparisons I can up with is a bit of a cross between OPETH and DISILLUSION with a teeny tiny hint of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or some other modern melodeath group of a similar ilk, but really PRESSURE POINTS do have their own sound and stand out enough to surely be noticed by the masses.

The ten minute opening trick ATONEMENT does a good job of displaying the elements that make up the rest of the album and would a great song to use to introduce the band to someone. The haunting, near-goth choruses also help so set some mood. EDGE OF ENDURANCE is my highlight track and is one of the more melodic tunes of the album with some great organ work, but fear not though, as the song goes on there is still plenty of aggression to be found. Album closer GRAND ILLUSION is created to make sure you remember the band long after the album is finished and is actually of the heavier songs you’ll hear.

The Death Metal genre as a whole has become a little stale over the last few years and there hasn’t really been too many new bands come out that demand your attention. PRESSURE POINTS don’t have this problem at all, they are ready to go, with a great unique sound that mixes progressive musical patches, in your face death metal verses and goth/doom inspired choruses that all gels in together to create something that really is a little bit special and of the highlights for 2010 in the death metal category for sure.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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