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The Lotus – Forgotten Silence

Released By : Copro Records

Genre : Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog

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Rox Capriotti – Vocals, Keyboard

Luca De Falco – Guitar, Vocals

Davor Batalij – Bass, Vocals

Krystal – Keyboards, Programming

Marco Lanciotti – Drums


1. Dreamagothika

2. Fall In Time

3. Enchained Melody

4. Don’t Be Surprised

5. Forty-Eight

6. I Will Come To You

7. Andromeda’s Mother

8. Balloon City

9. Forgotten Silence

10. Lost In The Wind

11. Dreamagothika Part II

Information about Italian band THE LOTUS is actually quite scare across the wide reaching internet, so coming in to this album I had a very, very small understanding about who they where and what they stood for. All I could really find out is that they have been active since 2002 and FORGOTTEN SILENCE seems to be their first full length album after spending some time battling through lineup changes.

The music on FORGOTTEN SILENCE is actually quite hard to describe, but I would say it’s basically a heavier-edged progressive rock album, not heavy enough to be prog metal, just a bit edgier than what you would usually associate with typical prog rock. I hear influences from PINK FLOYD and RUSH but also some modern influences like SYMPHONY X, KINO and IT BITES that really create a unique soundscape for this band to play in. Everything is done with style, and it’s pretty clear that each member of the band has been very well versed in their respective instruments, especially the guitar work that really knows when to stay back and then when to jump up into the front. The vocals bothered me a tiny bit in places, not due to any deficiencies in the singer, who actually has some great phrasing and a good varied voice, but just the Italian accent is laid on a little thick in places.

The centerpiece of this album is surely ENCHAINED MELODY that starts off with a pseudo thrash metal riff, before breaking in to a brilliant modern progressive tune and really shows the songwriting abilities of the band. ANDROMEDA’S MOTHER is another song that I kept going back to and is much more in line with the progressive pop side of things and really reminded me of IT BITES immensely. FALL IN TIME and FORGOTTEN SILENCE also deserve to be mentioned in the highlight section and should be checked out by all.

FORGOTTEN SILENCE isn’t your typical progressive rock record, and in some instances could even be classed as a modern pop/rock album, but I’m sure prog fans will get a kick out of a lot of these songs. Very recommended for fans of KINO or IT BITES that have been starved of similar releases over the last few years.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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