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Eagleheart – Moment Of Life

Released By : Metal Swamp Records

Genre : Power Metal

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Vojtech Simonik – vocals

Michal Kus – guitars, vocals

Martin Klekner – guitars

Jiri Fiala – bass


1. Prologue

2. At The End Of Forever

3. Into The Sky

4. Falling

5. Don’t Turn Your Head

6. Damned By Yourself

7. Tears Of Rain

8. Moment Of Life

9. Out Of The Time

10. In Despair

11. Life Goes East

Okay, so I admit I’m a bit late to the punch with this review, but EAGLEHEART have stated that they are currently writing and recording their follow up album, so I figured there’s no time like the present to hopefully introduce a few people to an up and coming band that deserve some further attention.

The first thing I noticed about MOMENT OF LIFE was just how much the album sounded like it could have almost been released by EDGUY. With that being said, obviously this Czech Republic band doesn’t really win any points for originality. But originality can be a fickle thing these days and in the world of metal we’d be lucky to have a maximum of four or five releases that can really be classed as original and unique. So really, the fact that they can be so closely compared to another band doesn’t worry me, and if you are a fan of early EDGUY it shouldn’t worry you too much either. I also hear some traits that remind be a little bit of some of the heavier stuff that GOTTHARD has released which does add a bit of an interesting twist on certain songs. I guess as far as metal is concerned, EAGLEHEART can be classed as a very accessible and easily approachable group and their debut album is very easy to listen to, without anything too crazy going on to distract you from the primal sound of pure melodic power metal.

INTO THE SKY is the first song that really caught my ear, and features more melody than you would think is possible in a song that is still unabashedly metal in its essence. DON’T TURN YOUE HEAD is closest of this set of songs to the trademark EDGUY sound and will definitely please fans of both bands. The speedy guitar work in instrumental track OUT OF THE TIME is certainly very impressive and shows that we are dealing with a bunch of very accomplished musicians. Also the closing track LIFE GOES FAST hits a tiny bit at some progressive metal with some intricate timings and is certainly a great way to end the record, as it really did leave me wanting to hear what they can do next.

Hopefully their second album is released to a bit of a wider audience, as I really feel that EAGLEHEART deserve a place in the melodic power metal landscape. They don’t do anything that we haven’t heard before, but what they do is so well done that it’s hard to not want to hear more from them.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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