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Gregorian B.C – Conquistadors Of War

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Gothic Metal

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1. Arise

2. Gregorian Starlight

3. Live Today

4. The Clock Of Time

5. The Rise OF Spain

6. Conquistadors Of War

7. The Spanish Armada

8. East Coast Rocker

GREGORIAN B.C is the brainchild of Crystal River multi-instrumentalist Brian Chupp. Apparently he was given the nickname “the conquistador of music” due to his mix of Gregorian chant and flamenco music.

The best way I can describe just what’s going on here on CONQUINSTADORS OF WAR is that it is just plain odd. Just how this music ended up getting made is a bizarre mystery that is fun to try and solve.   The base of the sound is a very sludgy doom rock sound that is a bit reminiscent of CROWBAR, mixed in with some psychedelic elements that are reminiscent of THE DOORS. But layered within this structure is some real gothic influences and of course some flamenco guitar. Unfortunately the flamenco guitar parts are all quite simplistic and represent none of the intricacies that I would normally associate with the style. Obviously with this album the focal point is on the vocals, which are a really odd combination of JIM MORRISON, GLENN DANZIG and maybe someone reciting poetry.

The general concept is something that I find intriguing and potentially enjoyable, but the actual result leaves a lot to be desired. You would think that all of these various influences, especially the flamenco guitar and the Gregorian chant vocals should make something very intricate, but in reality what you get is some very slow and simplistic music with some weird vocals and odd lyrics that talk about Spanish wars and related subjects.

GREGORIAN STARLIGHT, THE CLOCK OF TIME and CONQUISTADORS OF WAR are probably the best tunes on offer here, but I think the biggest problem I’m having is actually calling them songs. They really feel more like spoken word passages or poems spoken over the top of some music. Out of left field though, comes the closing track EAST COAST ROCKER that throws aside all of the concepts that the rest of the album tried so hard to hold on to. The song is blues rock based, mixed in with some gothic metal, and the tripped out Jim Morrison like vocals makes it sound like the illegitimate child or evil stepbrother of ROADHOUSE BLUES or any of THE DOORS more simply structured blues based songs.

I enjoy things a little weird and different every now and then, so after a little while I eventually started to get a bit into this album, but if you don’t like things that are different from anything that you are used to, CONQUISTADORS OF WAR may just be a little to off centre to really enjoy.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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