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Poobah – Let Me In

Released By : Ripple Music

Genre : Heavy Psych

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1. Mr. Destroyer

2. Enjoy What You Have

3. Live To Work

4. Bowleen

5. Rock n Roll

6. Let Me In

7. Here’s The Band

8. Make a Man Outta You

9. Upside Down Highway

10. Walk Of The Bug

11. Blooey Gooey

12. Going To Rock City

13. Smoke

14. The Destroyer

15. Passion For Freedom

16. Aww, Not Now

17. Bowleen (Radio Version)

18. I’m Crazy, You’re Crazy

Of all of the latter day reissues of seventies Psych Rock rarities, the Ripple Music version of the 1972 POOHAB album LET ME IN may well be the most important yet, and certainly one the best value wise.

For starters they have taken what was once a six track album, fully remastered it, and added a whopping twelve bonus tracks that takes the new total to eighteen rare and very hard to find heavy Psych Rock tunes that are essential listening for fans of older bands like HAWKWIND, early BLACK SABBATH, LEAF HOUND and related artists.

The original album itself has been known to be very highly collectible, fetching some ridiculous process from Ebay auctions and the likes over the years, so it’s good that finally everybody can hear one of the best lost gems of yesteryear for an affordable entry price.

The fuzz rock of the opening track MR DESTROYER reminded me a lot of BUDGIE and features some moster riffing and Psyched out lead breaks. Other gems include BOWLEEN and LET ME IN, with a true taste of proto-metal genius and some jam band influenced heavy blues craziness.

The twelve bonus tracks vary in worth and quality, with MAKE A MAN OUTTA YOU, SMOKE and PASSION FOR FREEDOM being among the better ones. For the casual listener wading through the entire eighteen tracks serves as a daunting experience, but for die-hard fans of this type of music, each track is essential listening and worthy of your attention.

If you are more of a traditionalist, and love your vinyl, LET ME IN has also been reissued as a double gatefold LP, that also features multi-color vinyl and ten of the bonus tracks found on the CD version.

If you are a follower of proto-metal or any sort of seventies psychedelic rock it’s not a matter of whether to buy this or not, the simple answer to that is YES. The only question you need to ask yourself is if you want the eighteen track CD version or the superior sixteen track double vinyl version.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating 9/10

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