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Rattle Bucket – Last Generation

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Crossover Metalcore

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Radim – Vocals, Guitar

Tom – Drums

Marcio – Bass


1. I Don’t Care

2. I’m Not Falling Down

3. Return

4. Lost Generation

5. Again

6. Rattle Up The World

7. Trapdoor

8. Sweet Girl

9. Little Boy

10. Waiting For A New Day

11. Maybe Tomorrow

12. Smile

Most times when I start writing a review for an album I have already jotted down some pointers and know what to write, and I usually by then have a clear cut idea on the rating said album will receive. LAST GENERATION, the debut album from Czech band RATTLE BUCKET is a little bit different, and after numerous listens I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it. Listening to it more times won’t help, as I’ve already clocked around 25 full spins of the disc, so I’m hoping that that the therapeutic vibes that come from writing will help me with my final judgement.

The band play an interesting hybrid style of metal that is mainly based around Metalcore, but shares elements from Pop-Punk and Thrash Metal, and even displays a wee bit of Emo Metal if you listen hard enough for it. The closest comparisons I could come up with was probably either TRIVIUM or AVENGED SEVENFOLD, but I also hear elements that remind me of early day OFFSPRING and even a bit of MILLENCOLEN too.

Somehow the band has managed to incorporate all of these elements and still be cohesive, and as a matter of fact have actually found a pretty unique sound. I guess though, that the sum of the parts equals something that seems aimed at the 15-21 demographic as there isn’t really enough substance for those that have past teen angst years. Don’t get me wrong though, what they do is done quite well and it’s a pleasure to be listening to a heavy punk style song that surprises you toward the end with some great Hardcore style beatdowns or even some Metallica inspired classic Thrash riffs just to throw you out a little bit more.

The two opening tunes I DON’T CARE and I’M NOT FALLING DOWN are probably the best to listen to for a good idea of everything that the band does, especially with the lyrical output of the first song that is pure teen punk rock, or the lyrics of track two that are more based in the Metalcore frame of mind.

All in all, there’s not much to fault about this release, and I’m sure if I had of heard this when I was a bit younger I would have really enjoyed it a lot. But horses for courses I guess, the simple fact is that if you are one of the younger readers of this site, you may well find a new favorite band in RATTLE BUCKET. But for those of us that are a bit older and demand a little more substance from our music, this release can get real old real quick. RATTLE BUCKET are certainly a band to look out for as I think that as they mature the music will to, and if that happens they are a real chance to write a kick-ass metal album that we can all enjoy.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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