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Tanatossis – The Darkest Reflections

Released By : Xtreeme Music

Genre : Thrash Metal

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Gabi – Vocals, Bass

Ruben – Guitar

Kike – Drums


1. The Fall Of The Fifth Sun

2. The Clorea Of The World

3. Addicted To Violence

4. Nuclear Waste

5. Endless Fright

6. Light Of My Darkness

7. Fucking Life Goes On

8. Mountain Of Water

9. Acid In My Arteries

10. Torturer’s Lullaby

11. Oscura Pasion

Thrash Metal has seen a pretty massive revival around the globe over the last five years or so, and it’s popularity has come around full circle to be almost as popular as it was in the late eighties when it was the genre of choice for a vast majority of metalheads. Countries far and wide have contributed acts to this movement with varying results. Whilst Spain has a seemingly thriving thrash scene, the number of bands from there that sing in English has been very few.

TANATOSSIS have set out to try and change this, and even though they began in 1997 as a Spanish language band, over the journey they have converted their lyrics into English to try and capture the imagination of a wider audience. Unfortunately, ambition doesn’t always result in ability, and the pure fact of the matter is THE DARKEST REFLECTIONS is a pretty ordinary album.

The music is of the standard thrash metal fare, but while the genre has benefited of late with some really interesting songwriting, TANATOSSIS have taken a very basic approach with the riffing, vocals and songwriting.

It brings me no pleasure to speak negatively about any album that is sent to us, but I have an obligation to call them how I see them and even though I feel there may be some future potential for the band, the fact is that there isn’t much to recommend about THE DARKEST REFLECTIONS. If the vocalist spends a little bit more time finessing his English singing accent the overall sound of the songs may well improve and the very basic formula that the band uses may be less noticeable. While there are a couple of decent tunes to be found, namely THE CHOLERA OF THE WORLD and the KREATOR inspired MOUNTAIN OF WATER, there are a number of tracks that while not particularly terrible, are very boring and uninspired and leave a lot of room for improvement. Interestingly enough, the closing track OSCURA PASION is sung in the band’s native tongue, and is certainly one of the better tunes on the album.

I feel that mass overseas recognition is something that is purely beyond TANATOSSIS at their current level of songwriting and ability. My suggestion for the band would be to go back to writing and recording in Spanish and just focus on being a successful band in your home country.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 5/10

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