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Viathyn – The Peregrene Way

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Power Metal

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Tomislav – Vocals, Guitar

Jake – Guitar

Alex – Bass

Dave – Drums


1. Antebellum

2. Heathen Arise

3. Strenum Scopuli

4. Through The Orchard

5. The Oracle’s Prophecy

6. Blackened Woods

7. The Twilight Haven

8. Frail Titan

9. Canvas

10. Antique Man

O.K, first things first, I’m going to just come right out and say it, the production on this album is utterly horrendous, and even though I listen to loads of self-released demos, E.P’s and albums each year, this new album from VIATHYN truly has one of the shittiest productions I think I’ve ever heard.

To give you an example of the way this album sounds, put a cd in either your stereo or your computer, tamper with the equalizer settings so the treble is turned down to almost zero. See how it sounds all muddy and it’s hard to distinguish what you’re listening to? Well, that’s what THE PEREGRINE WAY sounds like from start to finish. To say that getting though an entire album with this sort of sound quality was a chore is a massive understatement and it had me so frustrated that I really couldn’t get into the actual music very much.

What I could decipher musically sounded pretty good, with some great songwriting in the euro power metal vein, but with a little extra aggression and a touch of progressiveness thrown in. THROUGH THE ORHCARD, BLACKENED WOODS and CANVAS all have something to offer even the most discerning power metal fans, but you’d have to be very tolerant to be able to handle the poor recording quality over multiple listens. It’s obvious that VIATHYN are all very accomplished musicians in their own right, with a real highlight in fretless bass sound that really sets the band apart. Guitar wise, we’re talking some great chugging power metal riffs and some blistering, virtuoso type lead breaks that would make most guitar players jaws drop. The drums power on in the background with a great sense of color and feel, and the vocals, while a little weak in places do a sufficient job in piecing it all together.

It’s hard for me to recommend paying money for this album because in this day and age, amateur production values are just simply unacceptable, but I can’t help wanting to let power metal fans know about the band as I really do think they have something to offer to the genre. Go and check out the myspace samples, but just keep in mind that if you happen to purchase the album that the quality that you hear on myspace is actually a pretty fair representation of the overall sound of the album even when played through high end audio equipment.  A true missed opportunity if there ever was one.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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