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Firewind – Days Of Defiance

Released by Century Media

Release Date: October 26th, 2010

Genre: Power/Heavy/Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Gus G. – lead guitars

Bob Katsionis – rhythm guitars and keyboards

Michael Ehré – Drums

Petros Christo – bass

Apollo Papathanasio – vocals


01. The Ark Of Lies

02. World On Fire

03. Chariot

04. Embrace The Sun

05. The Departure

06. Heading For The Dawn

07. Broken

08. Cold As Ice

09. Kill In The Name Of Love

10. SKG

11. Losing Faith

12. The Yearning

13. When All Is Said And Done

14. Riding On The Wind (iTunes exclusive)

Firewind has been wrecking heads and skulls for a few releases now and you can usually tell when these talented Greeks have something to offer on each new album they release. Something that is hard to say in the unvarying and often unimaginative power metal genre. The group’s now sixth studio release has the bands venturing into more straight head material as oppose to their more challenging heavy arrangements of past records. “Days Of Defiance” welcomes again singer Apollo Papathanasio who has also been involved in a few other projects, a good example would be his performance in Spiritual Beggars released earlier this year. Also returning is Gus G leads once more with his relentless shredding skills, who also happens to be a member of Ozzy’s Ozbourne crew as the lead guitarist replacing Zakk Wylde.

As some may suspect about my views on power metal, my opinions hasn’t changed when it comes to something really groundbreaking in that genre because even though I still listen to power metal, a good portion of it ends up being the same dish served twice and cold. Firewind here kind lets down a bit because some of tracks sound too generic and bland. The opening track “The Ark of Lies” does nothing for me in terms of sucking me into the record. Even though “Chariot” has an interesting solo by Gus, the songwriting there is a let down. One of the highlights of the album is “Embrace The Sun” because the lead guitar work is superb and Apollo’s singing reaches new heights here to glue the track together. The more modern stop and go lead of “Broken” is a hit with me as the lead riff changes things a bit and makes the song sound different then others on the album.

You will probably be surprise to find less of power metal material and more of straight up Heavy Metal stuff then the usual suspect sound of the genre. Regardless of the ability by Gus G and his swinging guitar anthems the truth here is that the songwriting is a bit weak, and the material just doesn’t jump out at me in the way it should.  The skinny is that Firewind relies on big choruses and the keen flying fingers of Gus G to deliver a tight belting rhythm and the strong voice of Apollo A to mend the crunch groove of each song. Is not something I can credit for being groundbreaking, because it has been done before and honestly I was expecting something more intricate from the boys so I was a bit disappointed . Perhaps on the next record that guys can go back to the table and try to separate themselves from the overcast shadowy clouds of the genre ,even with a star guitar player.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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