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Holiness – Beneath The Surface

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Melodic Goth Rock

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Stefaine Schirmbeck – Vocals

Cristiano Reis – Drums

Fabricio Reis – Guitar

Hercules Moreira – Bass


1. Rise

2. The Truth

3. What I Want

4. Higher

5. Waiting For A Change

6. Take Me Closer

7. Mine

8. Into The Light

9. Breathe In Time

10. Uninvited

Brazilian band HOLINESS could be described a few different ways. On one hand they are basically a female fronted gothic rock band in the vein of EVANESENCE and LOVECRAVE, but on the other hand, they do show some unique influences for the genre and have a thick layer of melodic goodness running throughout the entire album. I am tempted to describe them as a melodic metal band, but that may be just a little to much of a stretch, so I will say that they are a melodic goth metal band and just leave it at that.

Even with some different influences though, the songwriting and musicianship on BENEATH THE SURFACE isn’t really anything to get too excited about, but the band do certainly have an ace up their sleeve in angelic female vocalist Stefanie Schirmbeck. Those that read my reviews often will know about my love/hate relationship with chick singers, so for me to be excited about Stefanie’s vocals is a huge rap and honestly surprised even myself.

My favorite tune on the album is HIGHER, which is the perfect showcase song for Schirmbeck’s vocals to fly and if you aren’t impressed by her voice on this tune you may just need to check your pulse. THE TRUTH, TAKE ME CLOSER and MINE are also songs that will stick around in my regular rotation for a long time to come. Also an interesting cover version of the Alanis Morissette tune UNINVITED closes the album is worth hearing even if only as a curio.

Those that are into the whole female fronted gothic rock/metal scene simply have to check these guys out today, for those that aren’t, well HOLINESS probably won’t change your mind, but surely the vocals alone are enough to get the thumbs up from most music lovers with a tuned ear. I think around eighty five percent of female fronted bands I hear fail to impress me, but HOLINESS certainly did, and they will impress you too.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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