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Urbandux – Eleven Eleven

Released By : P.R.O Records

Genre : Hard Rock

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Demon Z – Vocals

JP – Guitar

Adde L – Drums

Richard M – Bass


1. Swan Song

2. Supernatural

3. The Devil Inside

4. Where The Blind Lead

5. The Getaway

6. 11:11

7. In Cierto

8. Shine On

9. Love To Suffer

10. So Real

11. Adios, Goodbye

URBANDUX are a very hard band to describe. Hailing from Gothenburg you would probably expect them to have a melodic death metal vibe or something going, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. They play a brand of hard rock that lends itself mainly to modern alt. rock bands in the vein of say SEVENDUST, but they also have a melodic metal overtone and some slight progressive metal leanings too.

The whole modern alt. rock thing isn’t something that has amazed me too many times over its journey, but through all of it SEVENDUST have remained by favorite band in the style, so the fact that this album reminds me of them goes a long way toward why I like it so much. That’s not to say that URBANDUX can’t be judged on their own merits though as they do add plenty to the formula and the album as a whole sounds great.

As soon as SUPERNATURAL started I was instantly hooked on this band and is a very melodic yet aggressive song that could find a spot on modern rock radio somewhere I’m sure. THE DEVIL INSIDE and THE GETAWAY follow this trend and both could see the band find further success. LOVE TO SUFFER shows the diversity of the bands songwriting skills and is more akin to something like JORN or even a heavier GOTTHARD. Another change-up in the title track 11:11 which reminds me of a bit of a heavier Glenn Hughes especially in the vocals department.

I am very happy to have been able to hear this album in all of its glory and can only hope that it reaches as many people as possible. Many people will write it off as sounding too commercial, but delve a bit further under the bonnet of ELEVEN ELEVEN and you’ll find a well written, excellently executed modern heavy rock album that will surely please anyone that likes some melody with their rock and metal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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