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Helloween – 7 Sinners

Released By : Sony Music

Genre : Power Metal

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Andi Deris – Vocals

Michael Weikath – Guitar

Markus Grorkopt – Bass

Sascha Gerstner – Guitar

Dani Loble – Drums


1. Where The Sinners Go

2. Are You Metal?

3. Who Is Mr. Madman?

4. Raise The Noise

5. World Of Fantasy

6. Long Live The King

7. The Smile Of The Sun

8. You Stupid Mankind

9. If A Mountain Could Talk

10. The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner

11. My Sacrifice

12. Not Yet Today

13. Far In The Future

Ever since the 1987 release of the truly epic and justly highly rated album KEEPER OF THE SEVEN KEYS, the anticipation from fans and media alike before the release of new HELLOWEEN album can only be described as obsessive and even tribal. While this has worked to keep the band in the spotlight for twenty-odd years, there have certainly been a few misfires along the way. The band also has a penchant for losing and regaining various frontmen, and with each new singer came a slight tweaking of the formula with nothing really coming close to reaching the lofty heights their first few albums took them to.

After hinting of a return to stellar form with a couple of quite good albums in a row, 7 SINNERS finally sees the band heading back to the top of the power metal mountain and is easily the best album in the genre for the year, and the most hungry and aggressive I’ve heard HELLOWEEN for a long, long time. Finally the band have dropped the hard rock and progressive rock leanings that didn’t really work for hem and have gone back to being a great power metal band.

Winners like the first single ARE YOU METAL? , which funnily enough is something many people have been asking the band themselves for years, WHO IS MR. MADMAN and RAISE THE NOISE all come one after another and these three songs combined are better than most full length power metal albums released all year, but there is still more highlights. For example the slower paced THE SIGN OF THE SUN is a masterclass in how to write a ballad based power metal tune without sounding too cheesy. YOU STUPID MANKIND features a great vocal message that is delivered atop a layer of melodic power goodness. And just when you think it’s all over, the seven minute closing track FAR IN THE FUTURE brings yet another highlight that will leave you wanting more and will force you to listen to this disc again and again.

Most people had given up hope of HELLOWEEN releasing anything that really mattered ever again, but with 7 SINNERS they have reminded us all just how much we need them and just how much they still have to offer. When they are at their best, like on this new album, they are easily the kings of the genre and I’m just as happy as anyone to have them back on top.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 10/10

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