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Madonagun – Resurrect On The Razor Edge E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Hardcore Metal

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Julien Damotte – Guitar

Nach – Keyboards

Mark – Bass

Manuel D.K – Drums

Matt Jo – Vocals

Voron – Guitar


1. In The Middle Of Nowhere

2. Resurrect On The Razor Edge

3. Fallen Angel

4. Willows Of Sorrow

The debut E.P from French metal band MADONAGUN is an interesting one indeed. Many bands claim to be unique and hard to pigeon-hole, but generally they all fit snugly into a genre. Rare is it that a band can really be genuinely hard to describe, but this one is. You could argue that the base sound is just simply a version of modern metal, but the truth is that they also add elements of hardcore music and core music in general. There is also a strong leaning toward progressive metal and a slight touch of nu-metal to complete the pallete.

I was definitely interested in hearing this E.P after I found out that one of the band members is none other than Julien DaMotte, a progressive metal guitarist who had sent in a copy of his own album earlier this year and was a great album in its own right. This music is quite for removed from what was on his solo album, but you can certainly feel his influence strewn through the tunes.

Opening track IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE features a bit of an eastern vibe in the background, but once it gets going is a very modern sounding metal tune that has equal nods to SCAR SYMMETRY and SICK OF IT ALL while also reminding a little bit of SYSTEM OF A DOWN. The title track RESURRECT ON THE RAZOR EDGE is definitely the centerpiece of this E.P and the song which the band will more than likely be judged for by the majority. It’s a mix of modern day thrash, nu-metal and progressive metal that shouldn’t really work, but somehow absolutely does. The other two tracks are also of a high quality but it’s the opening duo of tunes that really had me excited.

I think there is some genuine potential in this band, and I’m sure it will be only a matter of time before labels start banging their door down, in this modern age of metal it’s nice to hear something different, but still similar enough to feel like you’ve known it for years. RESURRECT ON THE RAZOR EDGE is an exciting entry platter from a band that has success written into its future if all of the cards are dealt right, and I am happy to recommend this little four track E.P to anyone that is into any incarnation of modern day metal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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3 thoughts on “Madonagun – Resurrect On The Razor Edge E.P

  1. Cool review but Voron is not the guitar player on this EP. He’s the one who replace me in early 2010 just after the release.

  2. Nevermind who’s playing! this band rock!!!
    Waiting for the album guys!
    Nice review by the way..

    1. I just post that cause I don’t want a mistake. Voron was not in the line up when the Ep was recorded. now he’s an excellent guitar player. and I’m eager to hear the new madonagun line up


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