Michael Bormann – Different

Bormann continues not only his gifted songwriting prowess, but on "Different" he really pushes the careful boundaries of commercialism, pop, straight up rock and radio friendly tunes to...

Released by RMB Records

Release Date: 19th November, 2010

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Links: http://www.myspace.com/michaelbormann

Links: http://www.michaelbormannpage.de/

Links: http://www.myspace.com/bormannmusic


Line Up:

Michael Bormann – Vocals (All Instruments)

Additional musicians

Andreas Rippelmeier – Guitar

Chris Ivo – Keys

Eric Ragno – Keys

Lanvall – Guitars, synthesizers, piano.

Marco Grasshoff – Keys


1. Life Is A Miracle

2. To The Top

3. Think Twice

4. Somebody

5. Mr Rock’n’Roll

6. My Favorite Time

7. Breathless

8. Don’t You Tell Me

9. Wouldn’t Let You Down

10. Who Really Wants To Get Older

11. No Way Out – It Hurts

12. Was Mir Fehlt

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once stated, “The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever you do, without a thought of fame.” Longfellow was one of the best known poets from the United States in the 19th century, and he definitely deserved that title. I don’t usually drop literary illustrations into my writing but in the case of Michael Bormann and his rise to stardom I thought that that quote fit him perfectly.  Mr. Bormann is certainly no stranger to success as he has effectively launched an outstanding solo career. He is not only one of the best voices in the Hard Rock business today, he doubles down with being a do-it-yourself studio multi-instrumentalist. Yes, the man is talented and blesses us with more of his talents on his upcoming release, “Different”.

The misguided fan may be asking who Michael Bormann is, right?  Well, what  if I was to tell you that since 2002, Michael has been on the fast lane to success not only in his native Germany, but all over the European market and worldwide, producing his own records, and creating his own label?  And did you know that he was also in the running for the Grammy’s, as “Capture The Moment“, his last record, made the cut onto the short-list’s for Best Rock Vocals as well as Best Pop Vocals. The talent is obvious and now is the time for a worldwide takeover.

Being a multidimensional artist is a quality that very few in the music scene can attain at a high level, and more often than not, that trait evades even the longest of tenure musicians, but Bormann manages to demonstrate his songwriting prowess on “Different.”  He really pushes the careful boundaries of commercialism, pop, straight-up rock and radio-friendly tunes to spark a balanced potion of the best of all those worlds. If you wanted to hear a rocking good time tune into “To The Top.”  It chugs away with with Michael’s giant vocals, sounding a bit like Jon Bon Jovi while showcasing this great hard rock tune that delivers with a kick.  The ability to write and not just write a tune, I mean the good old school way of actually writing from the heart, and making it sound good and deep… well, whatever happened to that?  Bormann is a magician in that category because the track “Think Twice” is a tear jerker that anybody can relate to, as the arrangements here carry on forward with a well done chorus and acoustic lead.  I loved the cool slide step groove in “Mr Rock N Roll” a quirky little track that would play perfectly on any radio station here in the States, it’s very well done with a special message of “living free” and having a good time, which is the way it should be, right?

You might need to gasp for air after you listen to “Breathless” because the thick, driven guitar riff powers this invigorating track with its tongue and cheek lyrics. Special thanks here goes to the AOR key arrangements provided by Eric Ragno and an awesome guitar solo by Andreas Rippelmeier.  This one will surely please the rockers out there.  “Wouldn’t Let You Down” is another smashing mid-tempo rocker with a super catchy chorus during the wind up where Michael does his best “John Waite” impersonation.  The punishing groove of “Who Really Wants To Get Older” reminds of some classic “Pretty Maids” as it features the best of Bormann’s vocals mingled in a stranglehold of energy as only he can soar to places to deliver.

If this record doesn’t make you take notice of Michael Bormann then you might have to get your ears checked out, and the fact that he isn’t a household name by now in this country is an injustice all in itself.  His music, like so many other world artists in the Hard Rock business, hasn’t crossed the masses as it should here in the USA where the mainstream media and radio has lost any sense of how great Rock used to be (you know the days of glam and rock, big antics, and actual live experiences on stage; every club around the big cities selling out every night with great bands ripping the stage off).  Instead they like to focus on making the big bucks and have been lingering in a pattern of over-produced talentless pseudo-musicians;  these days the studio’s software dominates the artist. But all hope is not lost, because there is some smoke on the horizon as long as people like Bormann keep trying to break ground and explore the possibility of opening the market to so much more talent worldwide.  Things will eventually fall in place and we will regain the real rock of old once again.

This release from Michael is one of the best Melodic Hard Rock albums of the year.  It presents proficient writing, giving way to an astonishingly gifted display of music that will tantalize any fans of Rock. With his vision in mind to crossover genres and his uncanny ability to create ballads, conjugate a powerful hard rock tune, and amaze you with his touch for words in his songwriting, Bormann will reach levels perhaps unreachable by so many other artists. This is a great record from top to bottom in every aspect of production, writing, and performance that has been crafted for the big stage and at this point I wouldn’t expect anything less. I like to think of “Different” as a celebration of life and its many wonders, highs and lows, manufactured to perfection by one talented prophet of words and sound. Make no mistake, this ain’t no scripture and I am not preaching, but once in a while is always good to listen to a few words of wisdom especially when they come from the heart.  Like Longfellow said, real talent is something you do well, and you do it because you love it.  We need more artists who make music because they love music, not because they want to strike it rich.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   10/10

Preview the whole “Different” album in it’s entirety as well as “Capture The Moment” below.

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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham / Cobspix Photography

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