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Injury – Injury E.P

Released By : Punishment 18 Records

Genre : Thrash Metal

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Artio – Guitar

Paul – Bass

Sauro – Vocals

Jankill – Drums


1. Busy Killing

2. Denying My Soul

3. Fear Of Nothing

4. The Last Act Of Defiance

It seems that I have reviewed more Italian bands this year that from any other country. In doing this I have discovered quite a few bands that I will not be following up on, and a handful that have piqued my interest in varying degrees. Recently formed thrash metallers INJURY now fall into the latter category and have released an interesting debut E.P that is steeped in the old-school thrash metal traditions, but includes some modern vocals that remind me a bit of Phil Anselmo in parts, and a thrashier Chuck Billy in others. The best way I can describe the sound is if you could imagine the classic sounds of say DESTRUCTION or EXODUS, done with modern day production vales and Phil Anselmo on the vocals. This may not be a direct description, but it’s as close as I could come up with.

Admittedly three songs (plus one EXODUS cover tune) isn’t quite enough to get right into the band, but the three original tunes offered up on this E.P certainly do enough to warrant further investigation. The opening tune BUSY KILLING has all of the usual trappings that thrash metal fans have come to expect, with some breakneck riffing and great drumming. DENYING MY SOUL is an awesome little tune that could have almost come off VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER and features a great groove metal backing under some crossover thrash mentality. FEAR OF NOTHING adds a little bit of traditional metal and NWOBHM in the riffing department. The cover of EXODUS tune THE LAST ACT OF DEFIANCE is a decent enough version, but adds nothing special to the original and I would have much rather heard another original song from the band.

I’m definitely interested in hearing what the band come up with for a full length album and will be keeping them on my radar until such time comes for the album to be released. As an entry level platter, this self-titled E.P will surely help the band gather some interest, and hopefully we can hear from them again sooner rather than later.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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