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Kill Tech – Inappropriate

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrashy Groove Metal

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Dreggur – Vocals

Butch – Guitar

M. Murder – Guitar

Mason – Bass


1. Precautions

2. Inappropriate

3. Path Of Destruction

4. Simple Life Is Complicated

5. Causaurius

6. Ground Zero Intro

7. Ground Zero

How refreshing is it to find a new Norwegian band than don’t play the usual extreme black metal that the country is predominately renowned for. You won’t hear any influences of black metal at all on the debut album from KILL TECH, instead you can expect to hear a very modern thrash metal sound with a groove metal base that takes much influence from bands like PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD and LAMB OF GOD. These guys may not be in the same league as the monsters that I just mentioned, but they have released this album at a time when younger people that are just beginning to get in to metal are being steamrolled by metalcore and trendcore bands, when really it’s bands like KILL TECH that they should be embracing.

There is another element to this band in the fact they started out playing punk music. This influence never fully went away and you hear it in the attitude of the songs that sometimes come across with a bit of a hardcore punk mentality, PRECAUTIONS and PATH OF DESTRUCTION being the two songs that really emphasize the various influences and gel them all together excellently. Album colder GROUND ZERO was also a favorite of mine, and even gets its own intro on the disc for some odd reason.

In a time where people are getting so worried about blindly following one particular genre, it would be a real shame if more people didn’t get to hear this album. As I said earlier, it’s not like it’s the best modern thrash/groove metal album ever released, but it’s certainly a great springboard into the genre and should bring some new fans to the style if given the right amount of exposure.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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