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Nothing Left For Tomorrow – Nightbreed

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrashy Death Metal

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Sean Westerman – Drums

Justin Holmes – Guitar

Nick Fetchison – Guitar

Yasmina – Vocals


1. Nothing In Return

2. Futile Existance

3. Morbid Curiosity

4. Nightbreed

5. Broken

6. Suffer In Silence

7. Depraved Desolation

8. The Eyes Of Vanity

Canadian band NOTHING LEFT FOR TOMORROW may sound like your usual thrashy death metal band at first, but don’t be fooled too quickly. As it turns out, the band features a female vocalist up the front but sounds like you would expect. This ain’t your usual female fronted lite-metal a-la EVANESCENCE and NIGHTWISH, no NOTHING LEFT FOR TOMORROW are closer compared to somebody like ARCH ENEMY. For me this is a good thing, as I am so over nice-sounding batshit boring female singers, and when I find one that isn’t afraid to rip it up it makes me very happy.

While the intro paragraph may make it sound like I really enjoyed the album, the real truth is a little different to that. See, what I said about the extreme female vocals is totally true, I really enjoyed them and whenever they were present I was really enjoying the album, but unfortunately frontwoman Yasmina feels the need to sing her choruses in a clean voice, which turns the band from an ARCH ENEMY type band to a punky hard rock sound that I’m absolutely sure wouldn’t be really what the band are going for. I think they need to drop the nice vocals and just go for an all-out head slamming death assault, because the occasions that the band does this on NIGHTBREED they truly sound amazing and could really get somewhere.

Probably the verse sections of DEPRAVED DESOLATION sum up what is best about this band, a great dual-guitar riff, thundering bass line, powerhouse drumming and Yasmina in full death metal flight. There are a couple of other tunes that show some spark, namely FUTILE EXISTENCE and MORBID CURIOSITY, but each tune suffers the same problems with the clean vocals that really don’t sound like they belong.

NOTHING LEFT FOR TOMORROW certainly seem to have the drive and the ability to make something of themselves, but the sooner they realize that the clean vocals have to go, the better. Have a listen and judge for yourself though as there is some pretty darn good death metal in places on this album.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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