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Shaked Booze – Shaked Booze (Demo)

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Sleaze Rock, Glam Rock

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J.D Martin – Vocals, Guitar

Eric Rattle – Guitar, Vocals

Mickey Shade – Bass, Vocals

Alexis Glizz – Drums, Vocals


1. Turnin’ Around

2. Too Much Too Soon

3. Summer Song

SHAKED BOOZE began life under the moniker of PATRON PETS only a couple of years ago. At the time they had a different drummer and it was more of a fun project rather than a serious band. After they parted with the original drummer, they found a new one and decided to change their name and start taking thinks a little more serious. Shortly after, they have released a three track demo unto the masses to see what sort of feedback they get.

I for one immensely enjoyed what I heard, and while I think a couple of things were still a tiny bit rough around the edges, all in all I can foresee no reason why SHAKED BOOZE can’t take on the world and surely they will only get better with time. Obviously the sunset strip sound of the eighties is the main influence here, and the best way I can describe the bands sound is POISON, mixed with a bit of the groove of KISS and some of the feeling of PRETTY BOY FLOYD. Three tracks may seem a little short in this modern age where most demos and E.P go anywhere from five to eight tracks, but here it’s enough to show what the band have to offer while staying short enough to ensure that you want to hear more.

The vocals in TURNIN’ AROUND are slightly pitchy in places, but it is something I’m sure could be tidied up in a studio environment if the band can land a deal with a record label that gives them a decent recording budget. The second track TOO MUCH TOO SOON is where everything the band is trying to do comes together in sweet unison. Think NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME crossed with ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ALL NITE and you’ve got a bit of an idea on the general feel and groove of this stellar track. SUMMER SONG really does what is says on the package, and sounds like something I can imagine being blasted out of a convertible car along the sunset strip in the middle of a hot summer.

The only negatives I found came in the fact that the production is a little bit trebley and thin, and the vocals in the odd spot seemed a little pitchy, but allowing the fact that this is just a demo, and for the fact that the band have only been together a short while I am willing to look over those small issues and just say how enjoyable each one of these songs is.

If you are fan of sleaze or glam rock in any multitude, make sure to check this one out, I’ve got a feeling that they will be releasing a full album on a decent record label in the near future.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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