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Synperium – Elemental Disharmony

Released By : Just Say Rock Records

Genre : Technical Death Metal

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1. Parasite

2. Empty

3. The Insurmountable Burden

4. Stormchaser

5. without Knowing Beyond

6. The Eye…The Epicentre

7. Elemental Disharmony

8. Hype Machine

9. Path of Destruction

10. World Of Ruin

Listen up death metal fans… There’s a new band right now about to bust of Australia that you all need to hear. The band is called SYNPERIUM and they a play a technical brand of traditional based death metal that draws influence from acts such as NILE, DECAPITATED and BEHEMOTH. Those three were chosen by SYNPERIUM in their biography as major influences and you can certainly hear those influences on their new album ELEMENTAL DISHARMONY. There are a few other things that you will hear across the album, especially with the slight groove metal influence, now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a big enough influence for these guys to sound like a deathcore band or anything like that, just enough to ensure that the head-on brutality also has something to tap your foot to and something to break up the madness. They are a technical death metal band but don’t get that confused with math metal or anything, just some really intricate riffing and the occasional time change-up that helps each song sound unique, which is something that I’m sure all fans of the genre can appreciate.

Now, I don’t want to take anything away from anybody in the band as every member is obviously a master of their craft, but I feel compelled to make a special mention of the brain smashingly good drumming on this album. Drummer Matthew Brownlow has the technical chops of a mastermind and when his drumming ability is combined with a truly spectacular production I could just listen to him drum by himself all day. Luckily every time I listen to his drumming there also a kick-ass band playing along with him.

As usual with any death metal based album picking out individual highlights can prove to be a bit difficult, but for interest sake let’s just say that if want to truly hear what these guys are capable of seek out opening track PARASITE and then STORMCHASER, WITHOUT KNOWING BEYOND and WORLD OF RUIN, all are excellent tracks that prove this band to be world-class.

I have received two promos so far this year from Aussie metal JUST SAY ROCK and both of them are among my top handful of metal releases this year, so up until now it looks like this label is only signing world ready, amazing bands and kudos for them for doing so. There’s no possible way that any death metal fan wouldn’t find something he liked about this album and it should be sampled by everybody.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 10/10

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