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Crow7 – Light In My Dungeon

Released By : Haunted Sound Records

Genre : Melodic Metal

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Corbin Eved – Vocals, Guitar

Seth Aban – Guitar, Vocals

Gideon Vanth – Bass, Vocals

Aladiah Leak – Vocals

Janus Mantus – Drums, Vocals


1. Light In My Dungeon

2. Heal My Wounds

3. Deadly Crime

4. One The Lane

5. Watch Out The Claws

6. Name The Liar

7. Wall ‘Round My Heart

8. Number Of Life

9. Rumours Grounded

10. Who’ll Save Us Now

11. Water In To Wine

12. Out

CROW7 is certainly an odd name for a band, so maybe it’s fitting that the band itself is quite odd in its own little way. At the base of their sound is pure melodic metal but digging deeper exposes elements of gothic metal, tiny hits of modern metal and even the occasional death metal growly vocal line. All of this could have really ended up a right mess, as has been proven by many bands before, but somehow CROW7 just make it work.

The songs are quite catchy and often I was reminded of some of the simpler moments of the work released under the AVANTASIA moniker, albeit in a less progressive style. Songs like opening tune LIGHT IN MY DUNGEON, DEADLY CRIME and NUMBER OF LIFE are all good tunes that will sit comfortably in the ear of any melodic metal fan. There is the odd filler or two but overall I’d say that at least eight of the twelve tracks on offer will find some love from fans of the genre.

It’s a difficult one to rate really because the fact is there is nothing wrong with LIGHT IN MY DUNGEON and CROW7 seem to be a band that has all the ingredients in place for future success, but what they are doing isn’t really anything new or groundbreaking. So sure, you will probably get a bit of a heard it all before type feeling when listening to this album, but you’ll be having so much fun while doing so that it just won’t matter. The little elements that the band have included for variety aren’t really used to full effect but when they do pop up they are usually unobtrusive but quite welcome at the same time. If you don’t like death metal vocals don’t fret, they don’t happen often enough for it to bother anyone, but probably also don’t happen often enough for those that enjoy this certain element of the bands sound.

If you are a fan of melodic metal in general, or the heavier side of melodic rock, including bands like AVANTASIA, JORN or EXCALION you have nothing to lose by checking out the new album by CROW7. As mentioned above, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, but it sure is an enjoyable album none the less.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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