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Dimitri – The Long War

Released by: Independent Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Neoclassical Metal/Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Dimitri Bonani: Vocals/Guitars

Leonardo Morini: Keyboards

Simone Veneri: Guitars

Antonio Polina: Bass

Riccardo Lodi – Drums


01. The Long War

02. I Need Your Love

03. No More Tears

04. Can’t Explain

05. Moments Of Sorrow

06. Geronimo

07. Come Back Home

08. Out Of This World

09. Shadow In The Night

10. The End Of The War (instrumental)

Dimitri is composed of Italian guitar player Dimitri Bonani, who doubles up as main vocalist for the band as well. Being huge fan of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” in his youth, his influences are very evident in his music. You won’t find anything here groundbreaking, as far as capturing the neo classical metal sound? well they probably need a little work here and there, the vocals for me are need improving when it comes to singing in this style because is not all about shredding.

The culmination of 22 years has finally let Dimitri put his influences into one full record and as far as the music is concerned it plays pretty well when you measure it on it’s own. You won’t have to go far to find where the similarities range because the opening track “The Long War” sounds like they synth keyboard sounds of The Final Countdown. The guitar solo stands out a bit in “No More Tears” with a slow moody tempo vibe through this haunting track. Another tight guitar solo leads the way in “Can’t Explain” with a more focused emphasis on the rhythm and drum section. Another churner rolls tight when “Shadow Of The Night” proclaims the nightfall as a mythical story.

I hate to deterred the music here because in parts is fine, but the range in vocals are just not strong and sorta hold the overall core of the record back. Let’s also point out that some of the songwriting needs help as it feels like some parts are incomplete something that needs help if the group plans to cause a bigger stir in the scene.  The keyboards are very well used and the guitar playing is solid for the type of material it is as they are some very concrete songs on here. I think with a more polish production and a little change in the delivery of the vocals Dimitri can break some ground. The idea was fine but again the delivery in parts is just not there yet but however the flaws are, there is skill involved in the project which just needs some guidance in the future.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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