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Embodied – Perception Perverse

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Death Metal

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Dave – Vocals

Marcus – Guitar

Erik – Guitar

Nick – Bass

Craig – Drums


1. Consumed By The Afterlife

2. (21st Century) Plague

3. World Defiled

4. Endless Chaos

5. Infernal Agony

6. Bathed In Blood

7. Through The Flesh

8. Drone

9. On To Oblivion

There’s a pretty strong chance that most people reading this review will not yet have hear of EMBODIED, well let me be the first to introduce you to what can only be described as a no-frills totally unashamedly old-school death metal band from Melbourne, Australia that may well just knock you off your feet.

Tracing their beginnings back to 1997, we find a band that started out just as any other but soon found their footing with a self-released album in 2005 titled DESTINED TO BURN. While this album didn’t gain the band much media attention or record label interest, it is quite highly regarded in the local underground scene as one of the better albums to come out in a long time. After the release of this album and some subsequent shows there was some member changes, and as soon as the band had settled on a stable line-up they hit the studio to begin recording this new album PERCEPTION PERVERSE. The album is totally old-school death metal, with the only ultra modern influence being the deep production and mega glossy digipak that houses the disc itself.

A lot of bands in the death metal game these days are searching for ways to stand out and to make their music more accessible, but its reassuring to know that there are still some bands that are happy to stick to the formula of simplistic yet totally satisfying old-school growly death metal. I think also that death metal acts from Australia all have a distinct sound and I can definitely hear influences from ABRAMELIN, a less comedic BLOOD DUSTER, SADISTIK EXECUTION and even a band from back in the day that nobody seems to remember called DAMAGED, albeit with a slightly less crazy drummer. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the drumming on this album, but anyone that remembers DAMAGED will surely remember their drummer ‘SKITZ” who is heralded as one of Aussie metals favorite sons and one of the fastest drummers in the world.

Obviously with all of this old-school influence, EMBODIED are clearly not reinventing the wheel or anything, but if you yearn for the days before melody and catchiness found their way in to death metal, PERCEPTION PERVERSE is a good album that will cure your ails. Any younger fans of the genre that are used to how it sounds in general these days may find this album to be a little over-bearing and should approach with caution.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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