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Niobeth – Dreaming E.P

Released By : Mulusco Music

Genre : Symphonic Metal

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Itea Benedicto – Vocals

Jesus Diez – Guitar

Javi Palacios – Bass

Alvert Izqueirdo – Drums


1. Dreaming

2. The Whisper Of Rain (Orchestral Version)

3. Reflected Lights Garden (Orchestral Version)

4. Reflected Lights Garden (A Capella Version)

5. And The Story Ends (Orchestral Version)

6. Dreaming (Orchestral Version)

I just realized while listening to the E.P just how many female fronted symphonic metal bands I have listened to this year, upon some further thinking I remembered just how few of those bands had left any sort of impression on me. NIOBETH on the other hand have released a little gem that deserves to be heard for a few different reasons. There is only basically one new track here in DREAMING, which if you’re a fan of the band is a song you will totally enjoy and shows the growth the band has gone through since their last release. The rest of E.P is made up of previously unavailable alternate versions and even features an orchestral cover version of the BLIND GUARDIAN tune AND THE STORY ENDS.

With so many orchestral versions and an a capella version, it’s probably a bit of stretch to call this a metal E.P, but for the sake of symmetry that’s what we’ll do. The other reason that this E.P deserves to sell so highly is that the band are donating every cent of the profits to the Spanish Red Cross to aid in the rebuilding of Haiti, a noble cause for sure and a great way for a band to help out and do their bit.

Obviously if you are yet to discover this band, the E.P is probably not the strongest starting point, but if you like well played and well written female fronted symphonic metal, or if you just want to do something to help out with the rebuilding of Haiti, go to the NIOBETH website and preorder your copy today.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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