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Twelve Foot Ninja – Smoke Bomb E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Alternative

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Kin – Vocals

Russ – Drums

Stevic – Guitar

Damon – Bass


1. Clarion

2. War

3. Apocolypstik

4. Child With No Enemy

5. Manufacture Of Consent

It’s about time that Melbourne, Australia’s TWELVE FOOT NINJA gained some more recognition and found a decent fan base across the world. Their latest bid toward this is the newly released E.P titled SMOKE BOMB, and we are lucky enough to have received a copy to review.

For the majority of our readers that have likely not yet heard of TWELVE FOOT NINJA, let’s just say that they are one of Melbourne’s most popular bands and their ability to mix many, many genres together has seem them gain a lot of respect from fans, other musicians and also local media and print. Think someone like MESHUGGA, but then missed with FEAR FACTORY, but then also thrown in some MR. BUNGLE and you get a bit of an idea on how odd these guys are, but they are the very, very rare exception that somehow just make it work, and even though there is songs on this E.P that go from INCUBUS like friendly Alt. Rock to Latin Jazz and a few stops in between each and every track is still cohesive enough to follow and there really isn’t a dud in the bunch.  Fans of the band may not find too much of interest on the E.P as all of these songs have been in their live setlist for a while now, but having a properly recorded and produced version of fan favorite CLARION may just make this worth the admission price alone.

For me however, I would prefer to think that the E.P will reach people that are yet to discover this awesome little band because they really could be massive if the word gets out enough. I hear that TWELVE FOOT NINJA are also planning a comic, an animated series and also an e-novel to go along with the bands theme, so let’s make sure they sell heaps of copies of SMOKE BOMB in order to fund these exciting upcoming projects.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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