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Creation’s End – A New Beginning

Released By: Sensory Records

Release Date: November 09, 2010

Genre: Progressive/Dark Metal



Line Up:

Mike DiMeo – vocals

Rudy Albert – guitars/keyboards

Marco Sfogli – guitars

Joe Black – bass

Dario Rodriguez – drums

Additional keyboards by: John Macaluso.


01. Of Shadow And Flame 08:58

02. World Holocaust 06:56

03. Hollow 07:05

04. Dissociate 06:51

05. Still Life 07:39

06. Forsaken 10:47

07. Relic 05:32

08. Creation’s End 11:14

The cleansing featuring dark and progressive metal heaviest riffs and writing are introduced to us via the new debut record from Creation’s End, the New York group formed by founding member Rudy Albert (Guitars/Keyboards) and Dario Rodriguez (Drums) who together have been playing since 1999 when they we’re still in school. The group could not be completed without adding one of the most potent voices in Hard Rock in Mike Dimeo former Riot and Masterplan front man to the mix, who does an incredible job on vocals on this one.

If you needed more guidance then why not recruit one of the best drummers in the Prog scene and John Macaluso who helped produced the record himself, talk about a bunch of New York dudes huh? Anyhow this is what drew me to the table when I heard Macaluso was involved in the project I knew it would be high quality material.

The long opener in “Of Shadow And Flame” features some escalating vocals by Dimeo himself and along with the darker writing giving way to it’s gloomy atmosphere created by the keys and heavy bottom guitar chops. The draining churn of “World Holocaust” probably extended a little too long because some parts in this particular tune feel ominous and bleak to me but hey maybe they intended to sound like that. The sense of hopelessness in “Hollow” definitely adds a solitude groove to the track and it gels greatly in the overall concept of the record, one of the highlights for me. Maybe it just my own personal taste, but on A New Beginning the slower parts buildup seem to work and flow better then the darker heavier structured tracks, and “Still Life” is a nice procurement of this technique.

A underrated part of the project is the carefully spotted guitar playing of Marco Sfogli who’s unyielding playing sheds new light in otherwise “dull” parts. It’s a nice debut record in the Progressive genre and with the added touch of Macaluso on keyboards and production you know that the sound is powerful. I would love to see these guys live as the music tends to play more lively in a more small venue environment. I think with A New Beginning the group has knocked at the door of what could be something special on possible future releases. And I will look forward to more hopefully. Knock it back!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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