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Unruly Child – Worlds Collide

Released Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Marcie Michelle Free: vocals

Bruce Gowdy: guitars

Guy Allison: keyboards

Larry Antonino: bass

Jay Schellen: drums


01. Show Me The Money

02. Insane

03. When We Were Young

04. Tell Another Lie

05. Love Is Blind

06. When Worlds Collide

07. Talk To Me

08. Life | Death

09. Read My Mind

10. Neverland

11. Very First Time

12. You Don’t Understand

The debut from Unruly Child is still regarded today as one of the best all round Melodic rock records from the 90’s. The original line up of Mark Free (vocals) now Marcie Michelle Free, Bruce Gowdy (Guitars) and Guy Allison (keyboards) are back reunited again and feeling pretty good. This come back album is another in the line of greats that have hit the market courtesy of that one Italian label who’s by the way now is planning their take on the US market, I guess you can say they are paving new Frontiers huh?

To the music we must get to because the return of Free on vocals melts right in in harmony with the careful diffused keyboard and guitar sounds of Gowdy and Allison. This is one of those records where surprisingly the opening 2 tracks are a little puzzling because they don’t have that catchy feel as the rest of the album soon follows. But don’t worry there is plenty here to assimilate as good things. For instance “When We We’re Young” is a nice number that pays a little tribute to their debut record. The sweet guilty feeling of distrust alarm your ears in an aesthetically pleasing way as this soft ballad  hits the spot. The title track features a sonorous ensemble with Free delivering on every verse with sense and conviction, one of the edgier tunes on WC stands as a prime cut. I dug the cool symphonic arrangements in Life|Death almost with a Kashmirian approach ala Zeppelin an oddity indeed but it sounds good. What transcribes on “Read My Mind” is excellent, as the songwriting process shines here with another half tempo ballad with a nice chorus.

With a new record out and a sparkling sense of ambition and trust, Unruly Child plans on making some more waves and sticking around for a while. There has been talks about a tour possibly in the summer of 2011 as well releasing a remixed, remastered and updated version of “Tormented” with bonus tracks and new material before breaking ground on the next record. Unruly Child are also in the process of securing the rights to their first record for a future re-release. And we continue with another fine release with purpose and good musical direction going forward, the guys of Unruly Child are welcomed back into the scene with open arms.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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