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Synthetic Breed – Perpetual Motion Machine

Released By : Symbiotic Records

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

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1. Resilience

2. Beyond The Sphere Of Reason

3. Oblivion

4. Convergence

5. Molecular Self Assembly

6. Narcissistic Indulgence

7. Scourge

8. Mirrored Reflections

9. Afflictions Of Advancement

10. The Quiescent Subject

11. Reciprocated Damnation

So far 2010 has been as amazing year for Aussie metal. Aside from some other great stuff there’s also been a modern metal masterpiece release by EYE OF THE ENEMY and a kick-ass technical death metal album from SYNPERIUM, and now we get an awesome progressive death metal release from Melbourne’s own metal heroes SYNTHETIC BREED. The album is called PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE and is the follow up full-length release from the band after an underground favourite in 2008 titled CATATONIC.

The new album pretty much starts off where the previous one finished, so if you liked the first album you’re in luck. The only notable difference I could find is that the actual musicianship is further improved this time around and these guys are slowly but surely starting to sound like virtuosos of their respective instruments.

While the base of the sound lies in progressive death metal territory, there is also elements of modern groove metal and some industrial metal, and some vocal variations also to make sure that there is always something interesting going on and the album never gets into ‘comfortable’ territory. The obvious comparison is probably MESSHUGGA, but where they stick to a more math metal formula, SYNTHETIC BREED has more catchy elements and a bit more of a cohesive baseline. That being said though, if you are a MESSHUGGA fan, PERFETUAL MOTION MACHINE should well please most of your urges and if you are yet to hear of SYNTHETIC BREED you may well be in for a bit of a treat.

The ferocity of the opening track RESILIENCE should be enough to please fans of most extreme metal genres, and more highlights come through in tunes like CONVERGENCE, NARCISSISTIC INDULGIENCE and especially in my personal preference AFFLICTIONS OF ADVANCEMENT. Another reason that this album excited me is that is seems to run a bit of a general theme throughout which is not too different from what you would expect to hear out of the FEAR FACTORY camp with some thought inducing lyrics about automated futures and futuristic apocalypses.

Death metal fans have had a pretty amazing year so far when you think about it, but surely there’s still room in people’s hearts and minds for a few more gems before the year is out, and what better place to start than PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE. Look out world, I’m sure SYNTHETIC BREED are destined for bigger and better things and I can only hope that the success of this album helps push the plans forward.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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