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Dakrya – Crime Scene

Released by Sensory Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Theatrical/Progressive Metal


Line Up:

Christina Kalantzi – Vocals

Thomais Chatzigianni – Vocals

Alex Drake – Bass

SophiaX – Keyboards

Angelos Charogiannis – Guitars

George Droulias – Guitars & Vocals

Stavros Vorissis – Drums


01. The Charlatans

02. Blind Man’s Bluff

03. Scaremongering

04. The Urban Tribe

05. Camouflage

06. Phantasmagoria

07. Inertia

08. Dramatis Personae

09. A Dreadful Sidescene

Seven Greek metallers decided to formed together the project that later became Dakrya. The vision they had in mind was to implement the freak show dynamics of combining elements of theater portrayed into one big unique metal experience.  Of course the theatrical so called experience has been used in the past in works from more Progressive bands but Dakrya literally takes the wild and weird circus sounds and blends it into the music to create an interesting bite of unusual and spooky atmosphere.

If the bands quest was to transform into a sound not easily categorized, then well they have succeeded; because is hard for me to put their music into a category. The operatic type vocals of the Gothic number  “Blind Man’s Bluff” comes across as an ominous piece crafted to mend their unique sound. Okay moving on “Scaremongering” was an easy transition, as the group keeps pushing their bleak sound effects forward with a more emphasis on the chunky guitar licks here driving the track. Well the hauntingly odd move swings of  “Phantasmagoria” keeps the same momentum forward and the only standing out for me here are the tight guitar lead and crushing drumming. The more avant-garde vibes keep popping up here in the track “Dramatis Personae” tries to imitate more closely resembling bands like Diablo Swing for instance.

Alright let’s one thing straight and that is when it comes to music being unique and groundbreaking I don’t have a problem with revealing to the world something that comes across my ears pleasing enough for any general fan of rock or metal to enjoy themselves. However in the case of Dakrya,  I’m not sure I can recommend this release unless your are really into this very peculiar sound.  Now all is not bad here the production is great and some of the fronted female vocals are noteworthy as are the guitar riffs on some of these obscure parts of each song. This has to be one of those releases that has to grow on you before you accept it as something new that sounds good, it feels like a weird mix of an eclectic idea thrown in together with other abstract leads to create what we have here in “Crime Scene”. Perhaps in the future the band can lead us along a more obtainable experience as the circus here seems to have moved out of town for the time being.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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