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Lonely Kamel – Blues For The Dead

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Blues Rock, Psychedelica, Stoner Rock

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Brenna – Vocals

Lucas – Guitar

Stian – Bass

Espen – Drums


1. A Tale Of A Madman

2. Green Eyed Woman

3. Wasted Time

4. Stick With Your Plan

5. Lady Mushroom

6. A Million Years From Home

7. No More Excuses

8. Blindfolded

9. The Boys

10. The Trip

BLUES FOR THE DEAD is certainly an interesting album, and one that I quite enjoyed. Who it will directly appeal to however is something I’m still not too sure of. Musically LONELY KAMEL certainly have their own distinct sound, which is made up by a combination of classic blues rock/psychedelica and the more modern style of stoner rock/desert rock. Which in essence means that they sound like a combination of HENDRIX, CREEM and GREATFUL DEAD with some CLUTCH, WOLFMOTHER and KYUSS mixed in.

This odd combination actually works better than it sounds on paper and as I mentioned previously, makes for a very enjoyable album. Songs like A TALE OF A MADMAN, LADY MUSHROOM and NO MORE EXCUSES all have a distinct element of classic blues rock while still sounding fresh and modern enough to excite stoner rock fans and maybe even alt. rock fans that are after something with a little bit of texture. The highlight track for me however, was WASTED TIME, which features a great little guitar lick that follows the vocal melody and fuses them both together to create a great space rock sound that just begs you to get high and put some headphones on. A friend of mine who was with me during one of my listens of this album was so impressed that he ordered his own copy instantly and went for the vinyl option. I am yet to listen to this version but I can imagine that this would be the perfect type of album to listen to in that particular format.

I’m still not quite sure exactly who to recommend this one to, but if you are a fan of classic blues rock or a fan of modern day stoner rock be sure to check this one out as it’s a pure labor of love and there’s nothing better than listening to an album than when you can actually feel the love that went into making it.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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