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Superhorrorfuck – Livingdeadstars

Released By : Street Symphonies Records

Genre : Sleaze Glam, Shock Rock

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1. Pissing On Heaven’s Door

2. You Can Leave Your Head On

3. Lick You To Death

4. Hot & Cold

5. Association Against Superhorrorfuck

6. Livingdeadstar

7. Touch Your Soul

8. Holy Zombie

9. Horrorchy Part II : The Prophets

10. Welcome To My Fuck Show

11. The Woman Of My Death

12. The Texas Chainsaw Ranger

Sometimes an album can pass you by before you know it and by the end you are struggling to really remember anything that you just listened to. The new album from SUPERHORRORFUCK is just like this. Maybe my expectations were just too high going on or something, but I really do feel like this album was a bit of a missed opportunity.  Sleazy shock rock is something that can be great when done right, as evident by MURDERDOLLS, WEDNESDAY 13 and to a lesser extent even MARYLIN MANSON, but there really is a fine line between getting it right and just sounding like a parody of the genre. It all goes wrong right from the start with some atrocious album artwork that features some really bad makeup work and a collection of dumb looking plastic novelty sunglasses. Obviously from the cover alone you can tell that this is a sleazy shock rock album, but if you look a little longer it actually begins to look like a comedy album cover.

Getting to the music there is more averageness but some good stuff hidden amongst the wreckage. The band’s sleazy rock sound is also met with some punk rock style vocals and a slight horror punk mentality that when heard is the highlight of the album. YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HEAD ON and HOLY ZOMBIE show some merit and it’s a shame that the rest of the album couldn’t reach the same heights. There is also an interesting cover version of the Katy Perry smash hit HOT N COLD, I say interesting because I’m not sure whether I actually like it or not. As far as cover versions go the band have actually done pretty well, but let’s face it, it’s still just a different rendition of a shit song so it can’t be that good.

Fans of ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE and MURDERDOLLS may find something worthwhile within this album, but just don’t go into it expecting great things like I did, it’s definitely a fast track to disappointment. I would still be interested to see what these guys do next, as I do think they have a genuine opportunity to be a great band, but there is still a bit of work that needs to be done first.

Written By : ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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