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The 16 Deadly Improvs – The Triumph of the 16 Deadly Improvs

Released By: Rosemont Recordings

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive / Experimental / Ambient / Improvisational



Line Up:

Dave Wilson: Drums, Percussion

Gene Bohensky: Drums, Keyboards

Jeff Bridi: Bass, Vocals

Mark Nowak: Keyboards, Vocals

Nick Bohensky: Guitar, Keyboards

Vin Villanueva: Guitar


1. Sand Palm IV 1:18

2. Spirit or Matter 4:30

3. Torpedo 5:23

4. Bugbear Blues 3:33

5. Invincible Pole Fighters 3:58

6. Into Another Time 5:41

7. Rise of the Septopi 3:53

8. Gargantua! 6:06

9. Sand Palm V 2:47

10. Dear Me, 3:50

11. You’d Make A Lot of Money… 5:15

12. Death To Disco 6:10

13. Mag 3 3:11

14. The Burrowers Beneath 9:16

15. Fading of My Memories 3:41

16. Sand Palm VI 2:15

This batch of releases has already featured some shall we say “different” type of music then what I normally review, but hey that’s the beauty of music you never know what you can find in these mountains of promos we get each month. The 16 Deadly Improvs are a group originally hailing from New Jersey made up of 6 virtually different type of musicians, combining each unique flavor and style to create 16 DI. The band in it’s existence has been around for a good 15 years with some of it’s members relocating to various places leaving the project abandoned for a long time. The group has return to the scene and has now released their 5th full length studio album titled The Triumph of the Sixteen Deadly Improvs.

Often times sounding like a jam band, these guys exacerbate every instrument and mesh them all together to form a creative perspective of bliss progressive rock with transgressions of ambient, jazz, psychedelic and atmospheric surroundings not easily defined. Varied qualities pop up on “Torpedo” a nice jam that has prog rock influences written all over it. The fusion bluesy guitar following in “Bugbear Blues” jives along nicely leaving a chill effect behind it’s root. The space tripping fluidity of  “Rise of the Septopi” leads way to the groovy bass quencher of  “Gargantua!” which continues it’s trippy head games featuring an unusual base thumping approach, and some synth keys to tie the ambient sound. The shallow drumming of “Sand Palm V” is a pretty cool number with a scifi twist from it’s keyboard driven special effects.

I was stranded in this huge world of pragmatic progression featuring an ultra mixing of jam sessions left and right. I was honestly surprised with what I found here because the sound does not get too continual however I did want more track with lead vocals, as I felt it could of added more to the music. The band itself is not really noted for their vocals so in essence it was not needed to give birth to their overall sound, but I couldn’t help but just think of what kind of dynamic if would of added to have more of a prominent effect on the overall creation. The material is quite long here and for some it may seem too arduous to give it time to digest fully, but I can surprisingly say is an interesting experience which pays homage to classic progressive pioneers like King Crimson.

Written By Denys

Rating Denys   7/10

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