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Dear Diary – Dear Diary

Released by: Eonian Records

Release Date: February 18th, 2011

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock


Line Up:

Jeff Evans: Vocals

Dave Schafer: Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Nick Panos: Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Mike Levin: Bass

Vince Consolo: Drums


1. I Wanna Know

2. Mama Said

3. Slow Down

4. Tangueray Tina

5. One Step Closer

6. Red Rose Burn

7. Dream in Colors

8. Shiny Like Bubble Glass

9. She Danced For Me

10. Plain to See

The archival label Eonian Records has been known to release some great releases of some bands that unfortunately never hit the big mainstream market in the 80’s when Rock was king. Most of the releases so far have varied in style but some have mostly stayed in the glam/metal genres, which as we all know dominated the limelight then. This particular treasure chest by Dear Diary, a band from Chicago breathes some fresh air in comparison to past releases by the label.

Diary’s music here has a more melodic rock approach, leaving some of the most sequential pattern of the glam metal scene behind. Perhaps in the end that’s why the band didn’t break the market, trying to be different sometimes goes under the radar. But thanks to labels like Eonian we get to hear these great acts resurface again and given a chance to shine in the spotlight.

The group hit up many big clubs all around the country with such acts as Lynch Mob, Lillian Axe Bullet Boys etc. But as with many of these acts their journey did not have a story  book ending; because grunge came and washed many bands away. In the liner notes on the promo package they we’re compared to such greats as Harem Scarem, House of Lords, and Hardline. I don’t see the latter comparison much but on tracks like “Slow Down” I can see some early HS reflections. The slushy romp of “Tanqueray Tina” adds a sultry taste to the feisty straight edge of the song itself. Yeah what the hell is a Tanqueray anyways? Well is a British Gin if you must know. A lapse effect starts the intricate schism of “Dream In Color” as the building bass adds an ethereal effect to make a nice standout track a memorable one.

Even though the vocals of Evans won’t blindside anybody he does not try to over do the lead parts and surprisingly meshes the band’s sound pretty well even with the evident Glam bravado resonating in his style. I always think and wonder in today’s music scene with so many wasted talent left out to dry why bands like Dear Diary and many countless others who actually had a good future, might of done if the music scene hadn’t changed so drastically? We won’t ever know but a resurgence of Rock is all around us you are just not looking hard enough.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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