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Wanted – Too Hot To Handle

Released by Eonian Records

Release Date: February 18th, 2010

Genre: Rock/Metal


Line Up:

Bobby Sisk (vocals)

Eric ‘Cruise’ Saylors (guitar)

Tadd Wilson (guitar)

Erikk D. Lee (bass)

Scott Cole (drums)


1. Whiskey & Women

2. Too Hot To Handle

3. Another Day

4. Mr. Right

5. Blue Jean Baby

6. Lost In Me Forever (L.A. Cut)

7. Be Still My Heart (L.A. Cut)

8. Concert Intro (Live)

9. Anchors Aweigh (Live)

10. Don’t Play With My Head (Live)

11. See It Through (Live)

12. Sidewalk Seducer (Live)

13. Rhythm & Rhyme (Live)

14. Life In The City (Live)

A mid westerners wet dream breezes your way via another Eonian archival release in Wanted – Too Hot To Handle. So unlike some struggling bands at the time, the boys from Wanted actually we’re offered a label contract by metal giants Geffen Records then, brought all the way to Hollywood to make new music. For a minute all hopes and dreams we’re realized, but after a few songs we’re written the bands relationship with the record label grew sour and took a step for the worse. The track “Be Still In My Heart” and “Lost In Me Forever” we’re the one’s from the LA Cut and give you a promising light into what could of been had the band continue the process.

Wanted will not hide any influences as a heavy dose of Motley Crue, LA Guns, or early Skid Row are glaringly present. Of course not surprised one bit as many metal bands back then tried to adhere to what the labels wanted them too. If the genre was so popular back then it wouldn’t have surprised one bit why so many small town  bands tried to hit it big.

Some of the prime cuts on here can follow same formula, with high flying guitars, tight powerhouse drumming and high glamorous vocals provided by lead man Bobby Sisk. The picky track “Mr Right” could of been a radio hit at the time because it has Poison all over and featuring some crunchy guitar playing by the duo of Eric Saylors and Tad Wilson. I can’t help but reminiscent about “Hot For Teacher” being so similar and influenced on the track “Blue Jean Baby” with that tongue and cheek spunk we all know.

The real treat in this package comes via the previous unreleased sold out show at Capital Showcase at the iconic Ritz Music Hall along with some classic cuts for fans only. Nothing like capturing a band live especially in their prime. The sound quality is not great but it has been mastered to get the most out of these never before heard show. The movement continues by Eoninan to continually deliver these hidden gems of bands lost but not forgotten.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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