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Spellbound Dazzle – Unreal Fairy Tales

Released by Limited Access Records

Release Date: January 31th, 2011

Genre: Metal/Progressive/Alternative



01. Intro

02. Goodbye My Love 1

03. The Foolin’ of Each Other

04. SBD

05. So Close

06. Monster

07. In My Room

08. Rullo

09. Spaceman

10. Ruska

11. When I Touch Myself

12. Outro

So odd to find a band like Spellbound Dazzle around these days. Alternative music is not my prefer choice of music as some know, but this rather exclusive sound of these young crew from Italy.  The band was signed to a record deal with Limited Access Records 2009 and went on to record their debut record “Unreal Fairy Tales”. I can try to best describe the sound as a giant mix of conglomerate moods and swings that stir elements of heavy metal, hard rock, alternative post modern sounds with polka and folk undertones.

The erratic sounds of that this ensemble saturates kinda feels like a cult chemist working hard in their lab trying to create something different, and it translates pretty well at times even with the average songwriting. One example of some resemblance is on the track “So Close” with the leading riffest here imitating some Anthrax material from their hey day. I still don’t now what to quite say about the fiddling of the polka sounds in “So Close” it throws the song totally off balance in a strange and twisted way. The big antics of “Monster” drives your way into a balance groove of modern metal core energy with a nice lead guitar solo in the middle. This particular track worked quite well more straight up approach and less frenetic energies here. The screaming voltage power of “Spaceman” is a nice addition with some strong thrash vocals.

Ambiguity and relapse in some of the ideas behind the overall craft of these songs eventually makes it hard to stand out. Sure there is talent here and not a bad overall debut, but the total direction of the compound here seems to get lost in the cluster throne of randomness all around the project. Another one of these bands that needs to work on mastering their sound because at times I don’t know if they want to be a progressive metal band or some weird alternative metal and it makes it really hard to digest at times. Listen first and you judge for yourself and I for one will look forward to future stuff from this young troupe.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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