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Jeff Scott Soto – Live at Firefest 2008

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: December 28th, 2010

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:
Jeff Scott Soto – vocals

Howie Simon – guitar and vocals

Gary Schutt – bass and vocals

David Dzialak – drums and vocals


CD1: 21st Century; Colour My XTC (prelude); Soul Divine; Drowning; Our Song; DD Solo; Guitar Jam; Mountain; Eyes Of Love; Testify; Broken Man.

CD2: Hey; Crazy; Piano Medley (If This Is The End, Nobody Said It Was Easy, 4 U); Gin & Tonic Sky; I’ll Be Waiting; Funky Medley (Play That Funky Music, Jungle Boogie, The Roof Is On Fire, Brick House, Shake Your Booty, Kung Fu Fighting, Yo Baby Yo, Macho Man, Ice Ice Baby, Stayin’ Alive, Another One Bites The Dust, Walk This Way, My Love, My Friend)

If you remember that it wasn’t too long ago that Frontiers released a live CD/DVD Package of JSS –  “One Night In Madrid” and then it stood as one of the best live concert releases last year. And of course if you know anything about the great Jeff Scott Soto, then you know he puts in 110% on everything he does. The man is busy seems like year round with gig for Trans Siberian Orchestra, his solo stuff and producing and recording on numerous other projects.

Well now Jeff comes back with another fine live release with Live At Firefest 2008. If you know anything about Soto is that he puts on a great live act every time he hits the big stage.  One of the amazing things about this night in Nottingham was the fact that Jeff had been rehearsing for TSB back in the USA, traveled all the way to the UK and only had a few minutes to rehearse the set, and still showed his versatility and dependability when it comes to a live venue.

The set here is pretty similar as the “One Night in Madrid” except this night featured the original JSS band lineup. Some of the highlights of the first disc are of the AOR staple “Drowning”, the emotionally packed “Our Song” and the classic staple “Eyes of Love” featuring a monstrous guitar solo by Long. Soto’s voice is always rock solid as he is relentless hitting each note with a thunderous roar. The guitar playing on here courtesy of Howie Simon is delivered thoughtfully with an immersion of power. Disc 2 rolls along in with the soft piano rendition of “If This Is The End” and the customary JSS “Funky Medley’ that he’s is known for featuring an array of mash ups from Jungle Boogie to Another One Bites The Dust.

Although this package may feel a bit rushed on behalf of Frontiers especially considering that we had another live set from Soto not that long ago, the truth is that with a performer such as Jeff you really can’t go wrong. Is a solid set and the venue is always cool because Firefest has become a staple for Melodic Rock and AOR in the last few years. For fans of JSS this is a must of course. Dig it up!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys 8/10

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