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Snatch Magnet – Screw Nut & Bolt EP

Released by Independent Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Igal Kaplun

Adam Dodson

Josh Weekly

Steve Benton

Les Mayhew


The Widow


Call of the Maiden

The One


You Will Be Mine


I am not quite sure what the hell Snatch Magnet was thinking when they decided to call themselves well Snatch Magnet? Well honestly I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to give this EP any chance at all, but I figure what the hell I’m sure they have some loyal following out there like any band trying to push their music do. Well even though the inspired sound here is varied and lackadaisical in places, you may be surprised at the level of musicianship involved here. Is not all fun and party for these twisted maniacs.

Well even those moments of mild entertainment come clean on tracks like “Multi-Girl” even though the opening guitar riff sounds like a blatantly rip off a U2 song. How about some metal inspired Iron Maiden riffs, well they may show up on track “Call Of The Maiden”, sound familiar? yes you guessed it. What’s funny here is that on songs like “Games” you can see the talent, now if only the band would take their sound a little more seriously right?

Alright I guess they do take the cake because is painfully obvious to see the band doesn’t take their image or music too seriously to say the least and for that you have to give them some kudos. The delivery on some of the songs are pretty decent and the group can strike a chord that’s catchy and listenable in some spots. Call me a tight ass or whatever but I want more out of this then 7 varied songs that have no particular point with one another, sounds like a garage band trying to some old tricks and the only outcome is half good half sour. But hey maybe if you’re lucky enough you can go to the bands facebook page and see more amusing imagery about how the guys use their songs and charming good looks to get some attention. Listen at your own risk.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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