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Anubis – Legacy Of Humanity

Released By : Distro Rock Records

Genre : Thrash Metal, Death Metal

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Sandro Costa – Vocals

Renato Costa – Guitar

Vinicius Carvalho – Guitar

Joao Felipe – Bass

Mauricio Sanjad – Drums


1. The Armistice

2. Forbidden Game

3. School Of Hate

4. Dark Hope

5. The Last Act

6. Anubis

7. P.O.W

8. Under The Influence (Instrumental)

9. Slaves Of Misery

10. Dream Beyond The Mirror

Let’s get the inevitable thing out of the way first… Every thrash metal based band to come out of Brazil for the rest of time will instantly be compared to the mighty SEPULTURA. Well, let’s face it, apart from them there aren’t really any other bands in the genre of a major significance to the overall metal landscape. Sure you could say KORZUS are a great band and TORTURE SQUAD are a bit of an underground favorite, but overall Max Cavalera and co have the majority share.

Over the last few years however, the Brazilian thrash metal scene has seen somewhat of a resurgence and there is plenty of bands at the moment trying to make it through the mud. The latest band I have heard from this scene is ANIBUS and this newly released album LECAGY OF HUMANITY is their debut. Comparisons to SEPULTURA are definitely warranted, but this album isn’t in the same league as say ARISE or BENEATH THE REMAINS, but shares more of a common thread with something like BESTAIL DEVESTATION complete with death metal undertones and that trademark Brazilian accent. But still, a closer comparison would probably be someone like KREATOR or SLAYER just due the aggression levels found within some of these tunes.

The band are on the right track here, but there is still a little bit of work to do. For example there is a bit of a quality difference in some of the tunes with tracks like FORBIDDEN GAME, THE LAST ACT and ANUBIS showing some great ideas, but in amongst those are less valuable tunes like SCHOOL OF HATE and SLAVES OF MISERY that are basically just textbook tunes that could have been written by anybody.

I am still willing to give this band another look in the future because some of what I heard certainly hints at some future greatness, but as far as this debut album goes don’t expect too much from it. Keep in mind how much growth bands like SEPULTURA did before really releasing some gems and it becomes clear that ANUBIS have a bright future, they just need to take some more time with their songwriting and make it a little more interesting.

Written By : ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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  1. ZeeZee! how are ya man? thank you so much for taking the time to listen to our music, and most importantly for speaking your mind. I always enjoy reading reviews that point out the places where we need to work harder, that`s the reason we send our albums out there, to learn and improve. We are currently working on a new EP and your words will surely help us stay focused on our songwriting. Thank you on behalf of everyone in the Anubis family,stay in touch. Vinicius


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