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Downfire – Damnation

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Alt. Metal, Modern Metal, Power Metal

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1. Scream

2. Inner Demon

3. The Way

4. Damnation

5. LDK

6. Collide

7. Last Days

8. Never Ending

It really is amazing just how many good albums are released each year by lesser known bands without big record deals. The latest thing to be buzzing around my cd player is the second album from New York hard rock/metal combo DOWNFIRE. I am yet to hear the bands debut so all I have to go on is this disc alone, which is fine by me as I really enjoyed most of what I heard.

It’s not all rosy as there are a few points that seem to need a little bit of work still, but as an overall product DAMNATION is a worthy purchase for fans of well-structured and melodic modern alt. rock and metal in the vein of bands like SEVENDUST, 10 YEARS, EVANS BLUE and ALTER BRIDGE. There is also an element of American power metal that can be found in the song structures and some of the riffing, but I found this element of the sound a lot harder to notice than what some other people have said. While hints of all of these artists are evident, it’s the comparison to SEVENDUST that is the best way to explain what DOWNFIRE sound like. I’m not prepared to say that these guys are as good as SEVENDUST because Lajon and co are actually one of my favourite bands to come out of the whole modern alt. metal scene. But, with DAMNATION they have certainly shown that the potential is there and they could well be a force to be reckoned with later on down the line.

The main drawback for me personally was the inconsistency of the vocals. That’s not to say that the singing on this album is bad per-se, but I just feel that occasionally the vocalist reaches for heights that seem a little beyond his ability and winds up sounding strained. The lower register vocal style in actually pretty awesome and I really feel the band sound their best when in this frame of mind rather going for highly sung choruses and such. The other thing that I couldn’t get past was just how much I didn’t like the opening track SCREAM, with its repetitive and intrusive vocals and a groove that seems to go nowhere. Happily though, every other tune on the disc holds some merit and shows the foundations of a band that will only grown stronger with time.

So realistically DAMNATION is a bit of mixed back, but when it gets going it really kicks some serious ass. I am hoping to hear from them again in the future and think that their next album may just be good enough to help them break out into the mainstream a little bit.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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