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Ingraved – Onryu

Released By : Power Pain Records

Genre : Progressive Metalcore, Modern Metal

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1. Bad Karma

2. Onryu

3. Kawaii

4. The Burden

5. Cold Black Fingers

6. Tsuna-Me

7. Redemption

8. Showtime For My Apocalypse

9. The Cure

10. Of A Promise Broken

Of all of the places you would think of hearing a good metalcore based band, Italy would surely be one of the last on the list. I’m sure they have plenty of core type bands in Italy. Heck, I’m sure I’ve even reviewed a few in my time, but to actually hear a band in this style that is actually good, not just good but very, very good is a true diamond in the rough.

From the information available it seems that INGRAVED was born sometime in 2001 and it took until 2006 for them to release their first album. Tragically it seems that a lot of the delay was due to them losing their guitar player in a car accident on the way to rehearsal in 2002. Now, four years down the track they have dropped their second album ONRYOU and are happy tell everyone how proud they are of it.

The mixture of metalcore and modern groove metal really works for me, but I know this is an album that will have many people that either love it or hate it. The main reason for this way of thinking is that the whole time I listened to this album I was reminded a lot of TRIVIUM, and due to the Asian setting of this albums title and artwork I couldn’t help but continually reference TRIVIUM’S latest album SHOGUN. As we all know, TRIVIUM are unfortunately one of those bands that most serious music heads dismiss, which is why INGRAVED are probably destined to the same fate, which would be very unfortunate because they are a band that seem to have a lot to offer.

The album seems to thin out a little in the quality department toward the end, but the first five or so tracks are all very good and offer plenty for those that enjoy some modern groove metal mixed with some thrash metal influences. I hope that ONRYOU is successful for the band as I really feel they may have an amazing album up their sleeve somewhere. Even though this album isn’t the epic that I wish it was it sure gets darn close in places and certainly hints at some future greatness. But still, if you enjoy the modern stylings of bands like TRIVIUM, be sure to lay down a few bucks to help out an up and coming band that definitely deserve some attention.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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